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Yet to Enter the Working World?

Every year, while millions of young adults prepare to enter the world of work, their top-level skills and education find themselves pitted against an urgent lack of education on how this work thing…actually works.

It’s something Dave Colley quite innocently and naively glossed over, until he found himself as an early 30-something year-old, trying to find a way to cut through stress and a lack of direction, to find the stability and happiness he craved. After putting his finger on the missing links, and realising it all came down to not being properly prepared for a career in the first place, he sat down to write ‘Who Let Me Adult? – 20 Lessons I Wish I’d Learnt Before Entering the Working World’.

This is the ultimate guide book for those entering the working world. Who Let Me Adult? covers the topics that the education system didn’t teach you – such as the low-down on how to get the right job, how to make and grow your money, and how to find happiness.

Dave Colley, chartered accountant, lean change and transformation agent, entrepreneur, and life coach, has had a number of “Why didn’t they teach me that?” moments since leaving the education system and has since made it his mission to help young adults learn everything he wishes someone had told him when he was starting out in the career world. In this one deliberately concise book, Dave takes you step by step on how you can have it all. Dave was highly successful in his career being in the top rankings year after year, yet after having worked in the corporate world for almost a decade, he still felt that he was drifting through life with a lack of purpose. Life was happening to him. Deciding to do something about it, he began a journey of exploring new concepts, seeking to discover real-world, practical ideas.

Dave continues to pursue personal growth and development. As he uncovers important concepts that alter his life, he makes a conscious decision to share what he has discovered with others – by encouraging those around him with his example and guidance and communicating with a worldwide audience through his blog, Reaching Aspiration. Instead of working for 50 years only to end up with a miserable retirement, Dave encourages you to take the time to become educated and informed in order to make better decisions now, to reduce the stress that often comes when dealing with topics you may be unsure or anxious about.

These ideas can be game changers to your life’s success and happiness, and by providing them to you, Dave offers you a challenge to share in his daily mantra:

Today, I choose happiness. To be alive is grand.
I am excited about everything, as it is all in my control.
What is not, is of no concern to me.
I have ten thousand lives to change.
I am focused and will succeed.
Life is short. Let’s do this. 

“I started to discover that navigating the working world was about more than having a university degree or industry designation,” explains the author. “It was about being properly aligned with personal development goals, a sense of what accomplishment personally meant to me, and a developing understanding of what I wanted my future to look like. Having focussed on the critical ideas that would help me transition from frustration and feeling of drifting to a new life where I was finally happy and meeting the goals I’d set, I felt a burning desire to share it with others.”

Continuing, “The book was written to help young adults make better decisions now, turn their ideas into actionable milestones and ultimately set themselves up for their adult lives in the working world. It’s almost like the missing semester of university, or the forgotten term of secondary school – it’s a series of lessons that will literally change their life.”

About the Author: After a period of self discovery in his early 30s exploring topics from Financial Planning to Meditation, Dave asked himself why he only now discovered some of the key critical ideas that lead to a happier, more purposeful, less stressful life. In short more successful. Why wasn’t this taught earlier? He had given away his time in his 20s cheaply. He is determined help others fast track their way to success through coaching, blogging and courses in the academy. He reads extensively and is coached by the best, this is coupled with life experience and degrees in Financial Economics, as well as being a Chartered Accountant.

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