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Young Pastry Chef 2023 – Competition

Young Pastry Chef 2023 - Competition


The competition is open to any pastry chef aged 23 years and under on the 1st of March 2023. The Candidate should be actively working in a hotel or restaurant kitchen, banqueting, college student or within any corporate/event catering environment.


You have to submit a fantastic plated dessert for 4 covers- from this you will be judged on this entry for the final – we would like to see a detailed sketch/drawing to accompany the plated dessert with detailed recipes, costing and rationale for concept…flavour/colour combinations, textures, sustainability, seasonality, historical influence etc. This added information along with a photo of the finished dessert would add to the judging process and the candidates understanding of the task, rather than just a photo.

If you are successful and reach the final Wednesday 31st May 2023 – you will be asked to create these additional challenges – please note there are hyperlinks in red to help your culinary adventure through the competition

1. Plated restaurant dessert (4 Portions) – 2 for Judges – 1 for Photographs – 1 for Guests and use Ponthier Puree in the creation of your dish Ponthier Puree

2. Produce All butter Puff Pastry – you may bring it but give 1 final book turn or 2 single turns using a Kemplex Dough Sheeter from NOWAH  Nowah – Kemplex – Massimo Pica – Demonstration – from this you will be asked to make a Gâteau Pithivier – and from the trimmings  make 12 Palmiers (afternoon tea)– both finish and flavourings are your decision .

3. Moulded Praline/ Bon Bon – 18 in total – 12 to be presented and 6 to the guests –

using Casa Luker Chocolate Casa Luker from MSK and a set Gel using Ponthier Puree MSK Ingredients

4. Create a dessert – using Poached fruit – Tilda Jasmin Rice – (4 Portions) using other ingredients to enhance composition and presentation – served either Hot or Cold Tilda Rice

NOTE – The Only Chocolate to be used in the final is Casa Luker and the fruit puree is Ponthier – also MSK Ingredients will Provide 1 kg Peru, 1kg Nevado to each finalist to practice with and Provide 1kg Peru, and 1 kg Nevado for the final on the 1st of June

For the costing exercise you will be using a 68% GP and 20% VAT.  

Finalists will be required to prepare and present their dishes within a 4-hour timescale.

The Patisserie items may be presented in any order when ready to serve.

Finalists must supply all their own ingredients, equipment and presentation plates, menu and presentation documents and folder for the judges.

Chocolate will be supplied to finalists, both for the final and for practice and must be the only chocolate used for further information please contact

Lecturers/mentors/head chefs/ head pastry chefs – may be allowed to help set up and clear down but will not be present during the competition.

There will be 8 entrants invited to compete at the final.

All entries to Murray Chapman before 22nd February, 2023 and the finalists will be notified on the 7th March, 2023 – any queries contact [email protected] a panel of industry experts will select the 8 finalists.


All finalists are allowed to turn up a least 1.5 hours before start time to get prepared and have ingredients checked. The Judge’s briefing will be 15 minutes before the start – all finalists will start together.


There is to be no peeling of fruits, vegetables etc during the competition -please make sure that competitors have prepared all that is needed beforehand (Only what is allowed) for some recipes, competitors will not be able to produce everything in the allocated 4 hours. Please be advised, judges may ask you to fully explain the process you used for your preparation and to give a practical explanation.

The only pre preparation which can be produced beforehand is:

  • Peeled fruit/vegetables but not cut
  • Ingredients weighed out/measured
  • Basic marinades
  • Filo pastry/not short or sweet pastry (must be made in the competition) – same with any fermented product
  • Dehydrated/dried fruits can be made before – preparation/process during the 3.5 hours
  • Sugar stocks/sugar blocks (for pulling)
  • Praline (praline must be made in the 4 hours)
  • Ice-cream and sorbets – All ice-creams and sorbets must be made during the competition (including bases)

Points will be deducted for excessive amounts of mis-en-place.


Chair of Judges Benoit Blin, Mick Burke, Sarah Frankland, Matt Owens, Vicky Endersen, Stuart McLeod and Barry Johnson

Judging Criteria

  • Flavour 30%
  • Presentation 25%
  • Innovation 15 %
  • Hygiene 10% 
  • Working Method 20%
  • A Maximum of 10 points for each will be deducted for wastage and timings

Only judges and competitors may taste the products and final dishes

  • Date of the final –   Wednesday 31st May 2023
  • Venue – The Sheffield College
  • Start time 1.00 pm for all competitors – the competition will last 4 hours


Before the winner is announced – each competitor will be given individual feedback from the judges – with their presentation folders (lecturers/mentors/head pastry chefs/head chefs may attend – but not interact) – There will be NO feedback from the initial competition entries.

Prizes for Overall Winner and Finalists

The Winner will be going to Milan for 4 days and working/ cook school with World Pastry Chef 2021 – Massimo Pica!!!! Pastry World Cup Highlights  – and for others involved we will try and organise stages with you and other great pastry Chefs supported by Kemplex Dough Sheeter from NOWAH 

  • Chefi Knife Case from Jazz for the overall Winner
  • MSK Ingredients – a very special goody bag for each finalist with a selection of ingredients and tools.
  • Winning Trophy- plus Great support from Tilda Rice
  • MSK – also a very special Prize for the overall Winner for Young Pastry Chef 2023

All finalists will receive a special Chef Jackets from Russums and special treats from Paul at Ponthier (Apron, Maryse, Silpat, Cocktail shaker, small pastry knife, squeezy bottle)

And a very special book from Hodder Education for each finalist signed by all the judges Written by Mick Burke – The Professional Patisserie

By entering this competition all entrants agree that The Association of Pastry Chefs and The Craft Guild of Chefs and The British Culinary Federation reserves the right to use any material submitted, included but not limited to photographs, for any purpose connected with the competition.

Social Media Contacts – Young Pastry Chef – Facebook – Young Pastry Chef Instagram – Young Pastry Chef – Twitter

Note – ” A Massive thank you to everybody that has supported / given advice and direction to the development of this Year’s Competition – and to Inspire the next generation of Pastry Chefs ” Murray

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