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Young student innovators create apps for social change

Young student innovators create apps for social change


Earlier September, HONOR, a leading technology brand for global youth, joined forces with Red Bull Basement 2020, bringing together teams of young innovators around the world and encouraging them to realise tech solutions and create apps with the aim of driving positive social change.

Out of 3,865 international student teams who submitted entries, 38 finalists were selected to develop their ideas further, build their apps and bring their creative visions to life. As the official Mobile Services and PC partner, HONOR provided participating teams with professional mentoring expertise as well as a comprehensive app development kit comprising of the award-winning HONOR MagicBook Series and HONOR X Series smartphones to give the young change makers all the tools and technology they needed to get their ideas off the ground.

Following weeks of hard work and dedication, 38 finalist teams from universities worldwide have pitched their next-generation ideas at an entirely virtual Red Bull Basement Global Workshop last Sunday 13 December. After the presentation and voting, the team LAVA AQUA X from Brunel University London was crowned to be the winner with an ingenious solution that collects and reuses shower water to wash clothes. Concepts from climate action to education tools submitted by young innovators around the world were also revealed in this first-ever virtual event to drive positive change.


With the support of HONOR’s mobile and laptop products, competing teams were able to bring their ideas to life, making use of the powerful and portable MagicBook Series with its stunning FullView display, while the HONOR X Series smartphone, enabled team members to stay connected thanks to its whopping battery life and reliable performance, allowing the students to test and refine their ideas, anytime, anywhere, despite the challenges of largely working remotely.

In a bid to support HONOR’s mission to empower young innovators to create a better future through groundbreaking technology,  a team of experienced specialists from HONOR not only helped participating teams with their specific technology questions, but also provided expert tips and advice on how to effectively market and monetize their apps.

This year’s finalists set the bar really high, with a range of groundbreaking app concepts, products and designs that embrace a “tech for good” spirit and aim to tackle real-world problems, driving positive social change.

LAVA AQUA X, the winning idea developed by UK students Paramveer Bhachu and Joanna Power of Brunel University London, tackles the sustainability issue of clean water. The team invented a washing machine that collects water on the floor of nearly any shower, filters it, and reuses the water to clean clothes. When it comes to applications, KARTA is an app developed by Anastasia Smirnova and Kirill Tropin from RANEPA IBS-Moscow, which is designed to help students communicate with one another, and navigate around their large university campus with ease. To improve the quality of life for people with physical disabilities, Janik Ehrhardt and Tobias Moritz from Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg developed an app called HANDICAPP which makes it possible to operate a tablet or other devices with simple movements such as head-turning, nodding, or closing their eyes.


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