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Youth Employment UK expands to tackle youth unemployment

Over the past year, Youth Employment UK has seen an unprecedented need to support young people who have voiced their concerns about their future through the Youth Voice Census; a report that exists to share the views and experiences of young people aged 14-24 across the UK.  

Most recently, Youth Employment UK has expanded their team to meet this need to support young people in their difficult journey to work.

Founder and CEO, Laura-Jane Rawlings, and Director of Strategy, Impact & Communications, Lauren Mistry, are delighted to welcome 5 new members to the Youth Employment UK team including: an Executive Director, Commercial Director, Head of Education and Youth Voice, and a Head of Marketing; as well as a Website Administrator as part of the Government Kickstart Scheme.

The addition of a new executive board member and 4 new staff is part of a plan to realise greater impact by inspiring positive action in all areas that young people tell us they need support to progress.

In welcoming Executive Director, Sharon Blyfield to the board, CEO Laura-Jane Rawlings says, 

“Sharon is head of the Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) Early Careers agenda for Great Britain.  Having spent the majority of her career developing young talent at the start of their careers, her current remit fits perfectly with her passion to create opportunities to support the next generation of young leaders.  Youth Employment UK, young people, employers and careers educators will greatly benefit from Sharon’s insight and commitment to work with strategic partners who challenge an organisation’s approach to under-representation of young people across all communities.  This vital focus will work to create a level playing field in the recruitment process that might unconsciously deselect from under represented groups.”

Additional new staff members welcomed to the senior leadership team are: Peter Thorpe, Head of Education and Youth Voice; James Wingerath, Commercial Director; and Atim Arden, Head of Marketing, who were welcomed to the team in August. Kickstart placement, Louis Fage, completes the new hires and was welcomed to the team in early September as a Website Administrator.

Youth Employment UK is a leading organisation, established in 2012 and is working hard to change the youth employment landscape for young people in the UK aged 16-24.  The findings of the Youth Voice Census report will  be launched on 15th September. It is the 4th year running that young people have been asked to open up about their experiences in education, in employment, when looking for work, where they live and in this most recent year they were also asked about the impact of COVID-19.

Main photo caption: The Youth Employment UK team.  Front Row:  Alesha Patel, Youth Ambassador & Youth Engagement Coordinator;  Susan Ryan, Executive Assistant;  Kim Lipton, Marketing Executive Apprentice;  Lauren Mistry, Director of Strategy, Impact & Communications;  Atim Arden, Head of Marketing; and Josh Adcock, Policy & Research Apprentice.  Back Row:  Ian Tinto, Business Development & Account Manager;  Louis Fage, Website Administrator Apprentice; Peter Thorpe, Head of Education & Youth Voice;  Laura-Jane Rawlings, CEO;  and James Wingerath, Commercial Director.

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