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Business student steps onto the career ladder

Upon selecting her GCSE options at Hinchingbrooke College, Mia Robinson chose to study Business and having enjoyed the subject, she was keen to continue on this path. Mia subsequently enrolled onto the Level 3 Business diploma at Cambridge Regional College, Huntingdon Campus. 

Mia said, “On the Business diploma, we covered the various areas of Business and I found myself enjoying Marketing. I was keen to identify an Industry Placement that would take me in the direction of Marketing, while continuing to give me an overview of the operational running of a business.”

After spotting an apprenticeship opportunity with local company, Direct Technology, Mia approached them to explain that while she wasn’t in a position to take on an apprenticeship at this time, she did have two days a week that she was able to work. Appealing to be considered for any opportunity to work with the company, Mia received an invitation to attend interview, which involved giving a presentation to the panel.

Mia impressed the panel with her knowledge, quality of presentation and determination, and was subsequently offered a two-day per week, paid Industry Placement starting in January 2022. In addition, the role is guaranteed to become a full-time position upon completion of her studies at CRC.

In my role with Direct Technology, I will be supporting the Marketing team with social media and data analysis, and I a can’t wait to get started. If you are looking for your next step, put yourself out there. Approach the businesses, the worst that can happen is they say no.”

Mia Robinson

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