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Fife College students set for USA adventure thanks to scholarship

Fife College students Camryn Provan and Megan Simpson are preparing for the trip of a lifetime after each being awarded a special scholarship to study in the USA later this year.

The two students, both from Dunfermline, were delighted to have been chosen from dozens of entries to benefit from the George Lauder Bursary which offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study and live in the USA for the summer.

The awards, offered through Adam Smith Scholarships, part of Fife College, are generously funded by the family of George Lauder and the Saint Andrew’s Society of the State of New York, which will fully support both students’ stays including food, travel, and accommodation.

This year’s scholarship award, which will give Camryn and Megan a head start in their future studies and career, was given the seal of approval from the Great-Great-Grandson of George Lauder, William Garner, at the College recently. William and his family, who live in Virginia and also Washington DC, regularly visit the College to award the scholarship.

William was delighted to have lunch with the students during his most recent visit and hear all about their plans as they prepare to travel to the USA this summer to study subjects relating to their courses.

They were also joined by previous bursary recipients, Levi Kaye, Julia Sherriffs, Niamh Hogwood and Abby Cloete, who shared their experiences from their life-changing trips to the USA over the last two summers.

William Garner said:

“It has been lovely to meet Camryn and Megan, both of whom are especially deserving winners of this year’s George Lauder Bursary awards. I’m sure they will benefit greatly from their trip to the USA later this year.”

William, who also took the opportunity to check in on the progress of the College’s new Dunfermline Campus during his trip, added:

“I know my great-great-grandfather, George Lauder, would be so pleased to see this scholarship named in his honour continuing to be awarded in Dunfermline, enabling generations after him to benefit from learning experiences that will respond to their interest and enhance their futures.”

The award of the George Lauder Bursary celebrates the vision of George Lauder, the Uncle of Andrew Carnegie, in promoting the foundation in 1899 of a Further Education College in Dunfermline, now known as Fife College.

Camryn, a former Fife College student who studied HND Fashion, is currently in her third year at Heriot-Watt University where she is studying a degree in Fashion Branding and Promotion.

Although planning for the trip is in the early stages, she hopes to take Illustration and Visual Branding Intensive courses at Pratt Institute during her trip, as well as potentially a Fashion Photography workshop at the New York Film Academy. Camryn carefully considered and researched her course choices, providing a mind map with examples at the interview stage.

Camryn said:

“New York has always been my dream destination as a fashion student. However, studying and living there was something I thought to be unachievable until I was awarded the George Lauder Bursary.

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity, and I firmly believe that the experience and opportunities I will gain during my stay will not only significantly impact my education, but my personal growth too.”

Megan, a current Fife College student, is pursuing a BA Degree in Learning Difficulties and Disabilities. With help from William, she is researching various options of study in the USA including business and child psychology summer programmes, with dreams of opening her own residential care centre for children in the future.

College staff say, having been care-experienced herself, Megan has shown incredible self-reliance from an early age and developed amazing self-management skills. Alongside her studies, Megan works in a residential facility for vulnerable young people, leading by example and earning high regard from both children and staff.

Megan said:

“I am really appreciative and feel very lucky to be given this opportunity. I believe this has the potential to change my life. It will be amazing to be able to explore another side of life while in the USA and also better myself so that I can help and inspire others.”

Lyn Gold, Scholarship and Alumni Engagement Lead at Fife College, said:

“We are delighted to present this year’s George Lauder Bursary to Camryn and Megan. Both have shown a strong dedication to their respective fields of study and a genuine enthusiasm to delve deeper into their preferred subjects during their time in the USA.

“We would like to thank, William and his family, other descendants of George Lauder, and the Saint Andrew’s Society of the State of New York for their continued support which enables us to provide this incredible opportunity for our students.”

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