Educational criteria which will be used to identify high quality language, literacy and communication apps, for children in the early years (0 to 5 years).


Early years apps pilot: educational criteria

Ref: DfE-00136-2019PDF, 288KB, 12 pages

Early years apps pilot: additional information

Ref: DfE-00135-2019PDF, 199KB, 4 pages


App developers will shortly be able to apply to have their literacy, language or communication app reviewed by an independent educational and technical panel. The technical criteria will be published on this page in due course.

Apps that meet the specified criteria will be awarded a quality mark by DfE.

Applications will be open from the end of July to mid-September (dates to be confirmed). The submission form developers will need to submit to have their app assessed will be published on this page.

In the autumn DfE will publish a list of quality marked apps.

Following this initial exercise, DfE will run a procurement to provide 2 quality assured early years apps, free of charge, to disadvantaged 2 to 4 year olds in 12 local authorities as part of a year-long pilot. 

Published 2 July 2019