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Join Google for The Anywhere School, an online event on the future of education

#GoogleEdu – This year we experienced educational disruption at a scale we’ve never seen before.

While back to school will look different, a brand new digital event from the Google for Education team – The Anywhere School – is kicking off on Tuesday 11th August, 2020. 

The event will feature 17 hours of around-the-clock content including brand new Google product launches, as well as sessions from thought leaders and changemakers from around the world on the biggest topics facing education today.

You can listen live or watch on your own schedule, with subtitles available in 11 languages.


The Anywhere School

August 11 -August 12, 2020

Starting at 11:00 PT/19:00 BST/20:00 CEST

Session Highlights from the program:

Tuesday August 11, 2020

Time:  8:00 PM CEST

Opening Keynote

Hear from Avni Shah, VP of Education at Google, as she shares her thoughts on the importance of education, the impact of current events, and the future of Google for Education. 

Time:  8:40 PM CEST

What’s new with Google for Education?

During this keynote, you’ll get a sneak-peek of our upcoming product launches for Classroom, Meet, G Suite and other tools. Hear from our team how the new features were developed and see live demos to help you master what’s new.

Wednesday August 12, 2020

Time: 6:00 AM CEST

Hong Kong: Sustaining e-Learning in the Post-COVID Era

The pandemic has created a transformation imperative for schools. Hear from government officials, principals, teachers, and students on the growing importance of technology in education. Learn about how Google tools empower hybrid learning and prepare schools for the strategic transformation.

Time:  12:05 PM CEST

Finland: Innovation and Creativity in the Time of Covid-19

This fireside chat with Anneli Rautianen, head of the Innovation Unit at the Finnish National Agency of Education, leans into learnings of how Finnish teachers iteratively innovated and developed their teaching strategies throughout the months of Distance Learning. What new practices will they be bringing back to class with them in the new term and what will they be leaving behind.

Time:  12:30 PM CEST

Wales: Using Hwb as a Learning Platform & Bridging the Digital Divide with Neverware

Hwb is the digital platform for learning and teaching in Wales, providing a community of 550k+ users with access to a wide range of centrally-funded, bilingual digital tools and resources. In response to school closures, the Welsh Government took decisive action to develop an innovative solution where local authorities, in conjunction with their schools, gathered, refurbished & distributed 10,000 existing school devices upgrading them to Chrome using CloudReady by Neverware. The rebuilt devices will provide learners with access to the Hwb learning platform to ensure teachers can continue helping students with their studies even outside the classroom.

Time:  13:00 CEST

UK: How to Approach Hybrid Learning

Join Google Certified Innovator Emma Pass as she shares insights & practical tips on how synchronous & asynchronous learning can be managed. Having taught in the UK  & the US, Emma is currently teaching at PSD Global Academy, a K-12 school which has been utilising Hybrid Learning for the past three years.

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