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The Must-Have Apps for University Students in the UK

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Apps are a great way for university students to stay informed, save money, navigate their new city, or simply stay in touch with family, friends, and coursemates.

Social media apps, in particular, are very popular among current or former uni students, with 29% of all UK social media users having at least a bachelor’s degree.

However, the likes of Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram aren’t the only phone applications that can help you sail through the challenges and opportunities of academic life.

Abodus Student Living, a leading provider of homely student accommodation across the country, suggests some of the best free apps for university students to download and use on a day-to-day basis.


Let’s be honest – cooking on a budget isn’t always a piece of cake. Yes, pasta or beans on toast tend to be frequent, pocket-friendly meal options among university students. But what if you fancy something a bit different without dipping into your savings?

Aaron Kirkwood, Head of Sales and Marketing at Abodus Student Living, said:

BigOven is a very handy app that provides you with a wide range of cheap-and-cheerful recipes, helping you cook up a tasty meal with whatever is left in the cupboard or fridge.

“In essence, all you need to do is type in the ingredients you have at your disposal, and the app will come up with some yummy suggestions to keep your stomach happy.

“This way, you can transform leftovers into appetising dishes and turn your uni accommodation in Leeds, Newcastle, or elsewhere across the UK into a hearty bistro.”


Did you know that your university email address can get you way more than lectures and academic books from the library?

UniDays is an extremely popular app designed to offer university students plenty of discounts, offers, and freebies. This includes anything from affordable eat-out nights at the restaurant to discounted fashion, tech, travel, and self-care items.

To access these special promotions, sign up with your academic email address to confirm you are a university student. Once verified, you can treat yourself to a wide range of reasonably priced products. Not bad, right?

Are you an organised soul by nature? Or are you trying to start planning your days more effectively? Whatever the case, is the perfect tool to break down tasks and routines into smaller parts. allows you to create simple to-do lists, helping you manage all that’s on your plate in one place.

From workshops and tutorials to society events and studying sessions, there is a lot to fit in one day as a university student. So, if you are seeking some order in your hectic academic schedule, why not give this useful app a go?


Learning a new language as part of your university course? Off on an industry year abroad? Whatever the reason, Duolingo is a great app to get you familiar with the likes of Spanish, French, and Japanese (to name a few!).

Interestingly, according to recent data from Statista, Duolingo is the most sought-after education app in the UK, registering a whopping 1.9 million downloads in 2022 alone.

With grammar exercises, pronunciation tasks, and made-up conversations to help you practice your listening skills, this platform is a user-friendly tool that makes learning a new lingo an engaging activity. And don’t you worry about missing your daily share of Italian or Mandarin – Duo, the app’s green owl, will send you class reminders on a regular basis!

Too Good To Go

For students on a tight budget, Too Good To Go is an absolute must. And even if you do have some pennies to spare, this app will no doubt tickle your taste buds, too!

Too Good To Go is a tool that gives you the chance to source and purchase discounted food from grocery shops, restaurants, or bakeries. The app aims to tackle avoidable food waste, allowing you to rescue unsold products from local businesses at a very advantageous cost.

Just choose a specific location and set up a radius. The app will highlight any stores advertising offers and discounts, meaning you can eat at your favourite locale – or discover a new food place – while saving precious pounds.


If you are likely to deal with numbers at some point in your university career, but maths isn’t exactly your cup of tea, Mathway could save you from formula-induced headaches.

All you need to do is enter the problem in the app, and Mathway will solve it on your behalf, sparing you from hours of tears and desperation. If you need – or want – to know how it got to the solution, you can ask the app to show you the mathematical procedure that led to the final result.

Mathway is also particularly useful for maths-minded students who enjoy learning the ins and outs of operations and formulas. It is a bit like having a lecture explaining you things 24/7 – just what you need if you are trying to get to grips with a tricky exercise!

University life comes with infinite challenges and adventures. Why not make the most of handy apps to help you navigate these busy times?

From UniDays and Duolingo to and Too Good To Go, there are plenty of useful phone tools that will make your academic career that extra special.

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