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20 million reasons to use an app for interview prep


“Interview Prep & Questions App” from Skills2Use to boost confidence and improve interview outcomes for 18-24-year-olds

Skills2Use has developed an app that addresses the interview preparation needs of today’s tech tethered, phone driven students, available for apple and android.

Comprehensive “confidence boosting” interview prep advice is delivered to the one place they will access…their phone.

Ideal for use as part of a job-hunting campaign or last minute on the bus going to the interview!

Why it’s needed

  • Stress: 92% of adults are nervous about interviews, 64% said that not knowing the answers to interview questions is their biggest interview fear and it’s even more difficult when you are building up your work experience.
  • Competition: Some of the best apprenticeships have more than 300 applicants per place, so it’s statistically easier to get into Oxbridge than Nissan Apprenticeships!
  • Unemployment: for youth at 12% masks significant underemployment through zero hours contracts, gig economy, agency and part-time work. Underemployment is up to 3 times the ONS headline figure.
  • Resource Pressure: Careers Adviser resource is under pressure. For instance, in Wales, there is now one careers adviser for every 4,500 pupils. There is often an insufficient resource for 1:1 interview preparation in many schools and FE Colleges.
  • Legacy Technology: Gen Z is reluctant to engage with PPT, Pdf’s or wade through portals. The baby boomer approach of looking at a few slides, followed by a pdf saying “use your own examples” was never that good in the first place. Young people prefer Google and content access through phone apps.

20 million Google advice hits in one appGoogle  apprenticeship interview question answers  All News Videos  Images Maps  About 20,500,000 results (035 seconds)  More

We can’t claim to have viewed every result, but apart from Skills2Use, there is not a single site that has…

  • Every key National Apprenticeship Service general/ vocational/ competency-based question
  • Hints, tips and numerous examples for every question
  • Space to record own answers, careers adviser suggestions and interview notes
  • Apprenticeship, Internship, Graduate and General Jobseeker interview prep in one app

Director of Content: Susan Johnson has helped blue-chip organisations around the globe hire, onboard and train entry-level talent for twenty years.

She will be developing local language and content versions of the app with partners of Skills2Use in the next twelve months.

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