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A Decade of Disruptive Innovation. C-Learning Celebrates it’s Ten Year Anniversary.

#Cloud, #AI and Extended Reality specialists C-Learning (@C_learning_net) have reached a ten year milestone 

Formed in the UK back in 2011 from a research project exploring how cloud technology might transform education, C-learning soon became the first company to sell chromebooks to education in the UK followed by sales to countries across europe and wider.

Within 36 months more than 10,000 chromebooks had been delivered to educators by the C-Learning team and in another first the company became the first Google Workspace for Education Premier Partner (or just Google for Education as it was back then), capturing over 90% of the total market.

The business has always made full use of cloud technology to innovate and operate at maximum efficiency and agility with a shared purpose to support educators who are passionate about creating a smarter and more sustainable planet and what started with chromebooks quickly grew into a much larger global operation serving customers in Vietnam, Egypt, Qatar, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and more. 

In 2019 a new alliance formed with two leading Google Partners in Sweden and Finland who along with C-Learning formed Delling Cloud (Delling relating to the Norse God of new beginnings) to serve a rapidly expanding global client base of over 3000 clients in more than 30 countries globally.

Today C-Learning is looking forward to the next 10 years of disruptive innovation and will continue to support those seeking to make the most of how cloud technology can support greater agility, efficiency and sustainability. 

C-Learning Executive Chairman, Jamie Smith, said:

“Digital disruption is business as usual now as technology will continue to transform our world in ever greater ways. At C-Learning we are constantly applying the latest impactful technology to help people to be more secure, efficient and sustainable. The mission of our company is to create a smarter and more sustainable planet and we believe passionately that we can achieve this through the intelligent use of technology.

“As I look ahead I believe that voice enabled artificial intelligence will play a greater role in our lives, and cloud technology with the internet of things is very much with us now and into the future. These are exciting times and I am both deeply grateful to, and proud of, the C-Learning team members, some of whom have been with the company from the start for their relentless commitment to our common purpose. To the thousands of customers who have supported us in the past and to those who support us into the future I want to express my gratitude for your support, collaboration and for sharing the journey. I look forward to our twenty year milestone in 2031 and wonder what milestones we might achieve, and how many people we might help on the way.”

President and Founder of C-Learning and Group Chief Executive of Delling Cloud, Ian Nairn, said:

“When I founded C-Learning with Chris Kelly back in 2011 wish a mission to bring the benefits of cloud computing to educators I could not have imagined that just ten years later we would have grown to form Delling Cloud that serves several thousand clients in countries all over the world.

“The values we started with are the same today in that we simply help people to achieve more through technology, and our mission to create a smarter and more sustainable planet is just how we do it. I look back with pride on ten years of positive impact and as I look ahead I am excited to wonder what we will achieve in the next ten years”. 

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