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Graham Hoyle discusses upcoming ALP seminars on SFA Minimum Contract Levels

Graham Hoyle, CEO of the Association of Learning Providers, discusses Minimum Contract Levels for Skills Funding Agency (SFA) contracts. The SFA is about to roll out a £250,000 minimum level for its contracts, which will bring huge opportunities for training providers and colleges.  There have also been indications that the widely regarded £250,000 SFA minimum contract limit, may be increased to as much as £500,000 or £1 Million, which will bring huge change within the sector.

The SFA’s Minimum Contract Levels will encourage providers to develop consortia, sub-contracting arrangements with other Training Providers or Colleges. ALP will also discuss if a Managing Agent approach will be possible for the roll out of the new funding arrangements next year .    

As these massive changes are about to be rolled out by the SFA, the ALP is about to run a series of seminars for Training Providers and Colleges to share best practice and provide assistance with the new Minimum Contract Level requirements for the SFA contracts. Mr Hoyle explains what is going to be covered in the seminars and why the SFA’s Minimum Contract Levels are going to have such a massive impact on the FE and Skills sector.

For more info about the ALP’s upcoming Autumn series of seminars on Minimum Contract Levels please visit: 

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