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Bracknell media student creates an NHS tribute music video

A Bracknell media student @BracWokCollege has created an #NHS tribute music video to thank all NHS staff working hard to save lives during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We won’t run performed by Darren Hodge and edited by Jasmine Britten Pigram

Jasmine Britten Pigram, aged 16-years-old, from Bracknell, is studying a Creative Media Production and Technology Level 3 Extended Diploma at Activate Learning’s Bracknell and Wokingham College.  

Jasmine was asked by her mum’s partner, Darren Hodge, if she could create a video for him to accompany the tribute song that he had written. Mr Hodge rewrote the lyrics to Run by Snow Patrol to reflect the amazing work that the NHS are providing during the pandemic. He then sang and recorded it on his mobile phone.  

Jasmine then sourced images of the NHS and care workers from news reports and spliced them with the footage that Mr Hodge had recorded, creating a heartfelt video which she uploaded to YouTube on 10 May.  

She said: “I made the video for my mum’s partner who wanted to write a song dedicated to the NHS. He asked me to create a video for him relating to what’s happening right now. 

“I used Adobe Premiere Pro to help me create and edit the video. I knew how to use this program as I am currently studying creative media at college and have experience using all of the Adobe applications. 

“I was very thankful for being a part of the project as it made me feel as if people could trust that I could create something so special to make for them, especially as it was for the NHS.  

“I learnt a few new things, such as using different types of transitions while making of the video and I carried on trying to find new things to change. 

“I felt proud of myself when I had completed the project as it was quite difficult.” 

Darren Hodge said: “I have always been a believer in our NHS and our care workers, who are undoubtedly both undervalued and underpaid!   

“I was listening to Run by Snow Patrol and I thought that I could rewrite the lyrics to dedicate the song to all of the NHS and care workers working for us and putting their lives on the line.  

“I decided to play the backing track and record myself on my mobile. I then asked Jasmine if she would help me by putting some footage together and making it more meaningful by way of visual footage.  

“I think she did a great job, so a massive thanks to her for that.  

“I understand it is something that she is able to put towards her studies, as well as using it to spread the word and get more support for our NHS and care workers.” 

Samuel Instone, media teacher from Activate Learning, said: “Creative Media students at Bracknell and Wokingham College have been working effortlessly throughout the lockdown period.  

“One of our Level 3 Year 1 students in particular, Jasmine Britten Pigram, shared a video which she had edited together paying tribute to NHS workers and carers fighting COVID-19.  

“’We Won’t Run’ by Darren Hodge features the instrumental to “Run” (originally by Snow Patrol), with the lyrics customised to reflect on the hard work that has kept going throughout the lockdown to treat Coronavirus.

“Archive footage and still photographs from previous news reports were cut together with Darren’s performance to create a heartfelt moving message to viewers.  

“Jasmine achieved this within her own time, outside of any assignment briefs, using the knowledge of using software including Adobe Premiere Pro that she has learnt at college. 

“It’s a really uplifting discovery to find that our students are creatively working on their own projects and developing their growing skillset through video editing, sound mixing and videography.”


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