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British Embassy Montevideo “Leader for a Day” competition

The winners were:

  • Agustina Carrasco, paired with Beatriz Argimón, Vice President of the Republic

  • Victoria Calcaterra, paired with Carolina Cosse, Mayor of Montevideo

  • Delfina Bisio, paired with Mariana Chilibroste, Co-founder of Sellin

  • Martina Rebellato, paired with Silvia Emaldi, Engineer and President of UTE, Uruguay’s state owned power company

  • Paula Herou, paired with Pilar Moreno, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Sciences, UdelaR and researcher at the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo

  • Pilar Amaya, paired with Faye O’Connor, British Ambassador

  • Romina Violante, paired with Blanca Rodríguez, Journalist

  • Catalina Rodríguez, paired with Alejandra Silveira, Astrazeneca International Logistics Manager, Uruguay Hub

The day began with a breakfast at the British Residence, where the participants discussed what International Women’s Day represents, shared their personal experiences and spoke about the importance of opportunities such as “Leader for a Day” to help women learn from each other and understand how to succeed in breaking the glass ceiling and reaching positions of importance in society.

For the rest of the day, each participant had the opportunity to accompany their matched leader in her activities, allowing them to see work day first-hand, as giving them opportunities to expand their network.

The video below captures the activities of Ambassador Faye O’Connor and her companion, Pilar Amaya, during the day.

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