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A blooming good show of EdTech

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It’s hard to believe we’ve been going through this global pandemic for over a year now, and many schools are still trying to ensure students receive quality continuous learning while determining the best way for all students to return to school safely.

Having the right technology in place is vital to help during these challenging times and support any changes in the future.  

This spring, we’re in full bloom as this sixth episode showcases budding new services and solutions for the education sector. So don’t miss Al Kingsley (CEO of NetSupport) and Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist) on 30th March from 7pm

Interested in being on the show? Al and Mark are now calling for contributors to the April episode. So, if you have a solution or service you would like school leaders and educators to hear about, please click here. 

 To watch back the most recent show, click here – or, to learn more, visit #CheckItOutShow on Twitter. 

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