From education to employment

#FEsavedMe Literacy, fatherhood and empowerment for David

We  have a great case study that we would like to share today (3 May) – especially with it being the day people vote. David did not vote until he had gained his literacy skills and then for the first time joined in the democratic process and voted. 

In this video, David talks about the importance of literacy for him as a person and a father. Watch David talking about how literacy learning is impacting on his and his family life. He talks about his family background and going to work as a boy which limited his engagement with school. Further education has changed the way he interacts with the outside world.

David talks about reading with his daughter and about needing to be able to read and write in order to get his driving licence.  He also explains how learning to read has meant he has been able to take part in the democratic process in our country.

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