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Gen Z Suffering From ‘Modern Day Disillusionment’

Data from a professional marketplace has uncovered a 280% uplift in life coach bookings in the last year, with more than half (54%) coming from members of Generation Z.

Reasons given for this increase were down to Gen Z feeling ‘disillusioned’, trying to ‘find a purpose in life’ and ‘feeling isolated with no one else to talk to’.

Whilst Generation Z are often thought of as much more sensible than their millennial counterparts, with reports suggesting they drink and smoke less and have more ambition when it comes to their careers, new data suggests they are seeking out guidance from life coaches due to disillusionment and lack of clear purpose.

The team at professional marketplace noticed a 280% surge in life coach bookings over the last year. Looking further into this, they found that 54% of appointments were made by those aged 18-22, and wanted to find out why this might be the case. The team commissioned a snap poll of over 1,000 Britons in this age category and questioned respondents on their thoughts surrounding why their peers might be more inclined to seek the guidance and advice of a life coach.

Individuals were asked why it is they thought there had been a significant rise in life coach bookings from those within their own age demographic. When provided with a list of possible answers and asked to select all that applied, the following five emerged as the top responses:

  1. They feel disillusioned – 89%
  2. They are trying to find purpose in life – 81%
  3. They are isolated with no one else to talk to – 77%
  4. The negative impact of social media use – 73%
  5. They have unrealistic expectations of how life should be – 68%

Of all respondents taking part, over two thirds (68%) admitted they compare their lives to those of their peers, with 92% admitting it had a negative effect on their mental wellbeing.

Four fifths (81%) stated they thought they felt more pressure from society to excel than millennials had and just under half (48%) believed that there are less options available to them than previous generations.

When asked to elaborate on this, the majority (78%) agreed that competition for jobs was higher and pay was lower (63%).

Finally, it was uncovered that 87% of those taking part in the snap poll felt let down by the current political climate with the vast majority (92%) blaming older generations. More than two thirds (67%) admitted this had negatively affected their outlook on life.

Russ Morgan, Co-Founder of, commented:

“Generation Z are thought to be the head-strong, sensible generation but the pressure of these labels seems to be causing them more issues than good. If you have a child who is in this age bracket, reach out and speak to them and ensure you aren’t causing them harm with your expectations. Encourage them to talk about concerns they may be bottling up – we all need guidance especially at such a crucial age where there are so many important choices to be made.”

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