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Meet the Chartered Manager: Martin Rowse

Martin’s Journey to Success

CMI interviewed Martin about his route to becoming a Chartered Manager:

How has Chartered Manager status helped you in your role at Airbus?

Achieving Chartered Manager status has already started to show benefits – I’m already changing the way I support and manage my team. Working with professional engineers really asks you to step up in terms of your management style and your management abilities. Becoming Chartered through CMI has enabled me to do that.

What have been the main benefits to you of becoming Chartered?

Being recently Chartered, I’ve noticed that my confidence has really improved. What the Chartered Management Institute gives you with the events and the community is a wider understanding. Getting together with people who are going through similar challenges in different industries is invaluable.

What’s the difference between a manager and a Chartered Manager?

The process of becoming Chartered gets you to look at your skills and your abilities as a Chartered Manager. It’s important we recognise that management is a professional skill that needs to be built, needs to be encouraged, and needs to be focused on. Being Chartered has given me that additional push.

Becoming a Chartered Manager not only provides benefits to the individual, but to their employer too.

Colin Paynter, MD of Airbus Defence and Space Ltd, tells us about the benefits he has seen Martin bring to the role: 
“Martin has benefited from becoming Chartered, especially around recognising his professional skills in management. This has helped Martin not only recognise his strengths but also those areas where he needs additional focus. Martin is being proactive in this area, having discussions with his peers from other industries and bringing that thinking in to Airbus and improving his abilities.”

The Impact of a Chartered Manager: 

  • A qualified Charted Manager added £391,44 extra value to their organisation.
  • 96% use Chartered Manager as proof of leading people and managing change.
  • 95% agree that chartered status shows their integrity and commitment to ethical behaviour.
  • 83% say they are better managers after achieving Chartered Manager status.
  • 92% report greater self-awareness.
  • 96% use chartered manager to showcase their continual learning and growth.

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