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NAS John Chudley discusses Green & Renewable Skills Apprenticeships

FE News chats with National Apprenticeship Service’s John Chudley about Green Skills and the Renewables sector.

John chats about the growing needs of the Green and Renewables sectors, and how these are being incorporated into Apprenticeship framework developments. These industries are growing so large that, as John explains, revised Apprenticeship frameworks will be required to provide Apprenticeships tailored to their demands. He explains that with the anticipated growth in off-shore wind generation there is the need for some 60,000 new jobs over the next five years. 

He also discusses the need for Green or Renewable Apprenticeships from Level 3 up to higher level Apprenticeships, potentially to Level 7, to lead to being a Chartered Engineer in the renewable sector. John raises a very interesting point about raising the level of professional competence, rather than concentrating on degree or masters level equivalents. 

Click on the video below to hear what John has to say about Green Skills Apprenticeships and higher level Apprenticeships:

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