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New games to get kids thinking about their future

Panjango: fun games to get kids thinking about their future.

Sheffield educational games company Panjango are on a mission to transform the way kids learn. The company, which is creating a world of experiential learning, wants to encourage children to think about their futures and careers through games and have just launched a campaign on Kickstarter.

Panjango’s games not only gamify the learning experience, but also give learning context by putting children in the shoes of adults and challenging them to solve real problems faced by professionals in the world of work.

The games introduce children to the future world of work (and in the instance of the Future Jobs Trumps; jobs that doesn’t even exist yet!) and gets them to think about how they can equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to adapt and flourish in the rapidly changing job market.Panjango hope to secure funding via the Kickstarter campaign to get as many children and families playing the games as possible. 

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