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QA is pleased to announce a partnership with The AntiSocial Engineer Limited

The AntiSocial Engineer Limited is an ethical social engineering company with a focus on providing organisations with the skills needed to improve security defences and protect against social engineering attacks.

The QA and The AntiSocial Engineer Limited partnership will provide a unique offering to QA customers for advanced social engineering courses.

Delivered through practical workshops and live demos, these courses allow delegates to hone their attacking skills and gain hands-on experience in how to protect against social engineering attacks.

Richard Beck, Director of Cyber at QA, said:

“QA is thrilled to announce our partnership with The Antisocial Engineer. QA’s The AntiSocial Engineer Limited offering addresses the risks that companies face from social engineering attacks and helps organisations to understand how an attacker would target them and how to improve security defences. Notwithstanding their innovative approach to helping organisations build a phishing defence by teaching them how to ‘build their own’ phishing platform.”

Richard De Vere, Director and Social Engineer at The AntiSocial Engineer Limited, added:

“We are extremely excited to partner with QA. By educating a wider market about our niche testing style, we look forward to increasing security defences against social engineering attacks. All too often in cyber security we can see the echo chamber effect and a leading partner brings our advice to a national audience.” 

About The AntiSocial Engineer Limited: An ethical social engineering company helping organisations protect themselves against online and physical attacks. The AntiSocial Engineer Limited go further than traditional testing by targeting companies the way an attacker would – identifying weaknesses and helping to improve a multitude of defences. They provide a unique insight into both their own ethical social engineering assessments and from the perspective of malicious attackers. The advanced courses are aimed at delegates wishing to learn more about realistic social engineering methods. The knowledge is shared in a way suitable to a corporate scenario, giving security personnel the skills needed to implement a good level of social engineering defence within organisations.

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