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Reel #6: Evidencing learner support and what’s required

Reel #6: Evidencing learner support and what’s required

This episode, we’re going back to education and looking at how practitioners can evidence their learning support.

Because without evidence, there’s no accountability or proof of your good work.

This counts for employers who work with apprentices too! Off-the-job and on-the-job support should always line up and provide consistency.

Organisations need to be looking for sub-contractors who proactively implement learner support and share this information with you as an employer. Without it, you risk your apprentices having a harder time adjusting to the workplace and completing their apprenticeship.

So what’s involved in evidencing for learning support funding?

In Reel #6, Gavin O’Meara and Dr Louise Karwowski tackle the questions on funding directly, looking at:

  • The two-step evidencing process
  • Audit case study
  • Ways to support your evidencing and create confidence to claim
  • What the ESFA says about initial assessment and mandatory screening tools

The fear of clawback prevents many organisations from claiming in the first place. However, when you can show the supportive journey throughout and clearly show evidence of your reasoning at every stage with the learner, you can be confident in your claims.

The funding is there to support your learners and help your team to feasibly implement reasonable adjustments.

Without this funding, apprenticeship providers, in collaboration with employers, will likely struggle to deliver flexible and robust support. Inevitably, learners will feel the consequences.

Can you, the employers you work with and your learners afford to miss out?

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