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Robust Training introduces its innovative fleet to bring training to troubled boroughs

Roger Lynch, the chief executive of Ruskin Private Hire and its training arm Robust Training, has introduced an ambitious investment programme to deliver high quality training.


The south London-based group, which holds contracts with 20 local authorities or NHS trusts, has turned a 43ft luxury coach into a state-of-the-art mobile training centre for more than £300,000, called Robustraina.





The company has also ordered a fleet of six similar vehicles to meet the likely demand from training organisations and employers for a centre that is able to come to the client. Mr Lynch plans similar vehicles that will journey into estates and localities to work with young people in their communities.


On board Robustraina, which is able to accommodate up to 20 learners, each being equipped with their own workplace, Mr Lynch detailed his ambitions to bring training to the hard to reach.

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