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Tameside College students open their eyes to road safety

Over 2,000 students from Tameside College learnt about the effects of dangerous driving recently at the ‘safe drive stay alive’ event.

Taking place at Middleton arena each year, the event aims to highlight the consequences of dangerous driving.

Students heard from members of the emergency services including: the NHS, North West ambulance service, Greater Manchester fire service and Greater Manchester police about their experiences with traffic accidents. Family members of those killed or injured on the road also spoke of how it’s affected their lives.

Nearly 1,800 people a year die in road traffic accidents each year on Britain’s roads.

Gail Clifford, student services and enrichment manager at Tameside College, said: “The safe drive stay alive event is so much more useful to students and the college than a leaflet or online campaign because it really hits home when the speakers comes on to the stage and starts to talk about what they have witnessed or had to deal with because of someone else’s actions. Thank you to the organisers for putting this event on for our students.”

Luke Sweeting, student at Tameside College, said: “Watching the event is quite shocking really. The importance of it and the impact that I think it has on people’s actions is something that everyone needs to experience to make the roads a safer place.”

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