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UK Parliament launches new learning resources to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day

Friday 8th May marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and to commemorate the day, UK Parliament has produced free online learning resources for pupils to explore over the Bank Holiday and beyond.

In partnership with Royal Holloway University of London, UK Parliament has produced videos and resource packs to help 7-18-year olds learn about the decisions, debates and laws passed by Parliament during World War II.


The resource pack and video designed for pupils age 7-11, links to the history curriculum and will support children learning about:

  • The laws passed during World War II, the rationing of food and the evacuation of children from cities when the bombs began to fall.
  • How Parliament was bombed during the Blitz and that the House of Commons Chamber was completely destroyed.
  • The important laws that were passed after the war to help rebuild Britain, one of which was the National Health Service Act which created the NHS.


The secondary school resource pack is designed for pupils age 11-18, and features several links to KS3 and KS4 History, including challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world (1901-present), and the World Wars and their legacies: Britain, 1914-1964.

Students will learn about:

  • The laws passed at the start of the war, including conscription into the armed forces.
  • How Parliament scrutinised Churchill’s coalition government and specific challenges made by Members of Parliament about the decisions that were made.
  • How the House of Commons Chamber was destroyed during the Blitz and the measures in place to ensure that Parliament could continue to function throughout the war.
  • They will also be introduced to some of the post-war legislation passed to help Britain rebuild, including the creation of the National Health Service.

These commemorative resources feature amongst UK Parliament’s award-winning resources which include activities, videos, games and downloadable books. From experiencing what it’s like to be an MP for a week, to learning how laws are made, the resources cover topics across the UK curricula, including elections, debating, British Values and the work and role of UK Parliament in our democracy. 

Parents and teachers keen to extend their own learning about UK Parliament and World War II, can visit the new World War II hub page which brings together stories, legislation, memorials, archive material and works of art, from across UK Parliament into one commemorative space.


In line with the latest Government advice and guidance from Public Health England, all visitor access to the UK Parliament has now stopped. The Education Centre is now closed and school tours have paused. We have also suspended our regional and national outreach activity to schools and community groups. 

The decision, consistent with the latest Government advice, has been taken by the Speakers of both Houses, in consultation with Public Health England, to preserve the operation of UK Parliament. 

UK Parliament’s award-winning Education Service offers a wide range of free resources and services for teachers and school children, linked to the UK curricula.  

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