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DEI-focused training program built on culture launches this week

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LRN Corporation, the pioneer in ethics and compliance e-learning solutions and advisory services, is launching a DEI learning program that will help organizations advance diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond just training courses. LRN’s new DEI Program provides companies with a multi-faceted training solution: a ready-to-deploy learning campaign with curriculums, asset packs, and customizable courses, plus the option to add bespoke content, learner experiences, and communications campaigns developed in association with LRN’s E&C experts.

This offering is timely given shareholders’ increased attention to ESG—environment, social, and governance—issues, and the demand by stakeholders for workplace cultures of sustainability, dignity, and respect. Further, there is proof that ethical business cultures fuel success: LRN’s landmark report, the Benchmark of Ethical Culture, which surveyed more than 8,000 employees of companies with 1,000 or more employees in 17 countries, confirms the most ethical companies outperform their peers in key business metrics by up to 40%—including employee loyalty, customer satisfaction, innovation, and growth. LRN’s 2022 E&C Program Effectiveness Report indicates that DEI is a priority for 76 percent of companies with high-impact E&C programs. The right resources and frameworks for team learning have become top of mind for executives, boards, and organizations looking to establish and refine an organizational stance on DEI, demonstrate commitment to BIPOC populations, create a culture of acceptance, and protect their organization from liability and risk.

“Organizations actively working towards more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces need a DEI curriculum that goes beyond the basics,” said Matt Plass, LRN’s Global Head of Markets. “Organizations and employees alike are craving sustained conversations to support a shift in ethical culture, not the typical one-and-done approach to training.”

LRN’s DEI program provides continual learning—courses, conversation guides, and templates for employee communications—that are interactive, empowering, and grounded in deepening employees’ understanding of these issues, so organizations can create workplaces that are more inclusive and equitable. The learning campaigns are ready to deploy, but organizations can also partner with LRN’s expert Advisory team to build a bespoke program specific to their unique needs.

LRN’s DEI Program includes proprietary instructional design methodology and materials on:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
  • Confronting Racism 
  • Gender Equality 
  • Microaggressions 
  • LGBTQ+ Allyship 

For each topic, LRN provides pre-formatted DEI learning campaign assets, including employee

email templates, team huddle guides, and individual learner action plans. This combination of assets empowers company managers to create dynamic, multistep learning experiences that can inspire ethical behavior. LRN courses are available for delivery to employees using either LRN’s Catalyst LMS or a supported platform of the company’s choice.

Organizations with specific DEI needs can choose to partner with LRN’s E&C Advisory experts to craft a completely custom, multimodal curriculum and communication plan with courses, videos, and employee experiences tailored to the needs of their workforce. 

For companies struggling to fill roles during the Great Resignation, a focus on culture to retain existing talent becomes paramount. LRN’s data shows that an employee’s desire to stay with their company is predicted by the organization having a culture of trust and a sense of belonging and inclusion—83 percent of those surveyed cited DEI as a reason to stay at their company.

Learn more about LRN’s DEI Program here

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