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‘Love Your Employees’ Partners with ‘Guiide’ to Help Improve Retirement Outcomes

Love Your Employees, the UK’s first employee benefits and well-being marketplace, is thrilled to have recently launched a partnership with Guiide, experts in improving retirement outcomes at no cost.

After operating in the industry for over 12 years, Love Your Employees is keen to provide a healthy working environment for employees and to provide solutions for challenges they may face. Through a partnership with Guiide, Love Your Employees can provide better retirement plans at no cost to both businesses and workers.

Elliott Smith, Founder of Love Your Employees, has commented on the recent partnership:

“Here at Love Your Employees, we’re determined for business leaders to recognise that there is more beyond the term ‘employees’, and we want to demonstrate the significance of the role to workers.

“It’s clear that there are issues surrounding retirement, and this can potentially cause stress for employees. Guiide can make the process of pensions much simpler to avoid hassle, as well as offering more flexibility with pension pots if desired.”

Research by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) has discovered that just 20% of people being confident that they are saving enough money for retirement with no opportunity to save more, imposing a risk once they stop working. Thus, there’s room for improvement when it comes to implementing pension-related benefits for employees.

However, money problems appear to not be the only concern, with 41% of Brits having no understanding of what their workplace pension means, according to YouGov. With little knowledge, the pension could ultimately be ineffective, or perhaps not be providing as much benefit as it could be.

Smith continued: “The partnership provides a great workplace tool to ensure that business leaders are taking care of employees by helping to reduce finance worries and therefore maintaining an environment which encourages happiness and healthy well-being.”

Kevin Hollister, founder of Guiide, also commented on how retirement advice can benefit workers: “Pension pots now offer real flexibility to employees. Understanding how to build up and use these pots alongside everything else is vital. Our enhanced guidance tools can provide this help directly through the employer. This will satisfy all the needs of the majority, but for those that need or desire advice, signposting to high quality independent advisers is also provided.”

Love Your Employees continues to evolve as the demands of workers changes, from lifestyle changes to technology. To find out more, visit

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