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New FE News website 2021

FE News 2021 New Site

The FE News family have launched a new website, publishing platform, along with a new rebrand as a part of our 18th-anniversary celebrations.

FE News introduces a new publishing platform moving FE News from thought leadership into collective intelligence and collective intelligence hubs.

The new site and platform was a year-long build from the ground up, with a purpose to bring the FE, Employability and Skills eco-system together. To inspire and offer solutions to our biggest challenges of today and tomorrow, all together as a collective to encourage positive change and hope for a better tomorrow.

CEO and Founder of FE News Gavin O’Meara shares the inspiration and purpose of the new FE News site and publishing platform, in his latest thought leadership piece “FE News launch new publishing platform as part of 18th anniversary celebrations“.

Redesigned site offers four sources of news – because there’s always more than one side to every story

28th March 2008Welcome to the new, redesigned FE News website. As well as a new look, we now offer four sources of news. At FE News, we believe there is always more than one side to every story. With that in mind, there will be exclusives from FE experts, while our pool of reporters will cover all the latest developments in the FE and WBL sectors. The news ticker provides up to date links to articles across the web so you can see multiple views to the big stories from a variety of sources. In addition, we have a press release service where you can view all the latest press releases from FE and WBL.

We hope you like the new site and find it a useful source of news, comment and opinion. You can now comment on all our articles and we welcome your feedback.

Rosie Spowart, Editor, FE News

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