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Not Going To Uni Forges Strategic Partnership with Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance to Empower Diverse Talent

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Not Going To Uni, the leading organisation dedicated to providing alternative pathways for young individuals seeking education and career opportunities beyond traditional universities, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in increasing diversity and inclusion within apprenticeship and skills programmes across various industries and sectors.

The partnership aims to bridge the gap between talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and employers committed to building inclusive workforces. NOT GOING TO UNI ‘s extensive network will now be seamlessly integrated with the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance’s mission to promote apprenticeship and skills opportunities for individuals from multicultural backgrounds. This collaboration to include Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance patrons, reflects a shared commitment to creating equitable access to professional development opportunities.

NOT GOING TO UNI ’s platform has been instrumental in guiding thousands of young individuals toward fulfilling and successful careers by showcasing alternative education and apprenticeship routes. In joining forces with the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, NOT GOING TO UN is poised to expand its impact by specifically addressing the underrepresentation of diverse talent in apprenticeships.

Through this partnership, both organisations will work together to provide resources, mentorship programmes and networking opportunities tailored to the unique needs of multicultural apprentices. This strategic partnership will also work extensively on influencing and transforming local, regional and national policy.  Through leveraging NOT GOING TO UNI ’s expertise in alternative education pathways and Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance’s commitment to diversity, the collaboration aims to unlock the full potential of individuals who may face additional barriers to entering the workforce.

“We are thrilled to join forces with the NOT GOING TO UNI to further our mission of empowering talent to find alternative pathways to success,” This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion and social mobility in apprenticeships and skills, ultimately benefiting individuals, industries and communities they serve.” said Jagdeep Soor, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance.

‘Not Going To Uni are delighted to be partnering with such a well versed organisation. We are very much looking forward to working with the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance on our aligned missions to ensure alternative routes to university are available to all students no matter their background.’ says Laura Dunne, Head of Marketing, Not Going To Uni.

“Together, we embark on a journey to empower and uplift the next generation, breaking barriers and fostering diversity in education. This alliance signifies our commitment to providing unparalleled opportunities and support for underrepresented people as they navigate the path of apprenticeship and learning. It’s not just a partnership; it’s a collective vision for a more diverse and inclusive future.” said Safaraz Ali, Founder of Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance and CEO of Pathway Group

As NOT GOING TO UNI and the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance embark on this transformative journey together, they look forward to breaking down barriers, creating new opportunities, and reshaping the future of apprenticeships and skills provision for a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

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