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EdTechX Summit 2023: Celebrating a decade of connectivity and insight


Celebrating its 10th-anniversary milestone, the highly anticipated 2023 edition of the EdTechX Summit will be a tremendous day of immersive exploration, innovation, meaningful connections, and real-world impact.

The event will be held at the spectacular Tobacco Dock in the heart of East London’s thriving enterprise zone, embracing a decade of connectivity and insight. Once again, it will bring together global visionaries, thought leaders, and game-changers working at the forefront of innovation in the EdTech and the Future of Work sectors.

Under the overarching theme of H-2-AI, the 2023 EdTechX Summit will explore the now and next of learning with a particular spotlight on the significant shift in the relevance of human skills and learning. The intersection of human development and artificial intelligence (H-2-AI) will change the way we live and work.

Leaders from the fields of education, training, technology, and investment will converge to share their knowledge, experiences, and pioneering ideas through inspiring discussions, visionary perspectives, innovation showcases, and invaluable alliances.

From the transformative power of AI in driving change in education and the dynamic new world of work to the significance of impact investing in shaping a brighter future and leveraging technology for sustainable impact, the EdTechX Summit will be a captivating display of productivity and human creativity collectively forging a brighter future for work, education, and society as a whole.

We, at FE News, will be interviewing some epic people at EdTechX! Keep an eye out tomorrow for more…

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