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Rise Up Elevates Personalised Learning with Domoscio Acquisition

Rise Up, Europe’s leading integrated learning solution with more than five million active learners globally, has announced its strategic acquisition of Domoscio, a French expert in Adaptive Learning. This acquisition is set to significantly shake up the learning and HR Tech landscape. 

Rise Up is on a mission to accelerate Time-to-Skill for organisations by providing a customised learning experience that meets both individual learner and business needs. With the addition of Domoscio’s AI technology to the Rise Up portfolio, learning personalisation and the L&D landscape are set to be transformed. The pairing will enable the creation of one-on-one learning experiences at an unprecedented scale, all within minutes. 

“The Domoscio team has developed complementary AI-technology to our 3-in-1 LMS, LXP, Authoring Tool solution. By joining forces, we will establish Rise Up as the uncontested leader in personalised learning, benefiting all of our customers across 73 countries. With this acquisition, the future of personalisation is here, and it’s adaptive,”  

“I would like to thank our trusted advisors for their guidance through this successful acquisition – Corinne Cousseau of Gramond & Associés on the legal side and Bruno Deutsch of Bruno Deutsch Corporate Finance on the financial side.” Arnaud Blachon, Co-founder and CEO of Rise Up.   

More than an acquisition: a growing evolution  

One of Rise Up’s unique strengths is its ability to facilitate Learning In the Flow of Work (LIFOW). This is achieved by seamlessly and efficiently integrating its L&D platform with existing business and HR technology ecosystems. 

For instance, by integrating Domoscio’s customisable AI-based solutions with Rise Up’s product suite, customers can identify and map an employee’s skills gaps in relation to job requirements and desired competencies. This enables the creation of personalised, automated learning paths and real-time tracking of progress to enhance skill acquisition. 

The three groundbreaking features of the Domoscio application that are revolutionising learning: 

  • Skills Gap Measurement to accurately measure learners’ skill gaps against job requirements and target skills. Users achieve an astounding 37% reduction in time needed to acquire crucial skills. 
  • Personalised Learning Paths that are automatically generated and adapt to identified skill gaps and organisational needs. Learners experience an impressive 46% increase in knowledge retention just three months after training. 
  • Real-Time Progress Monitoring watches learners’ advancement, introducing new skills and adjusting learning paths on-the-fly. Resulting in a remarkable 49% decrease in learners failing to complete their learning paths. 

“Whilst traditional training paths are intellectually stimulating, the vast majority of companies come up against problems of cost, time and adaptation. By leveraging AI, Domoscio removes all obstacles, providing the learner with a totally personalised course in line with the company’s expectations. We’re very excited to be joining the Rise Up family; bringing together our passion for learning and innovation to deliver a personalised learning experience on a massive scale.  Together, we’ll be moving up a gear and accelerating our customers’ precious Time-to-Skill”, François Thiounn, General Manager of Domoscio.  

The combination of Rise Up and Domoscio summarised with key figures: 

  • Over five million active learners globally. 
  • A team of 113 employees across France, UK, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Netherlands. Rise Up anticipates a 30% expansion in their workforce this year due to rapid growth. 
  • Serving 540 organisations, including prominent names such as Axa, Schneider Electric, Domino’s, Sika, Boiron, Engie, Groupe Renault, Crédit Agricole Assurance, CNED, GRDF, SNCF Réseaux, Enedis, and Bouygues Entreprises. 
  • A combined 21 years of commercial and product experience in the corporate eLearning market. 

Building momentum at a time of industry wide change

​​​Blachon added: “We envision this acquisition as the first of many strategic moves for Rise Up. As we continue to experience explosive organic growth, we are actively exploring additional acquisitions and growth financing opportunities. Our goal is to combine inorganic growth initiatives with our impressive commercial expansion, aiming to solidify Rise Up as the number one platform in Europe.” 

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