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School of Coding Winner of Prestigious Award

Nachural Summer Business Awards 2023

School of Coding’s CEO, Manny Athwal has proudly been selected for the Excellence in Technology Award at the Nachural Summer Business Awards.

The man who founded Britain’s largest Coding and Computer Science School, has been awarded Excellence in Technology at the esteemed Signature Awards in Birmingham this July. After a challenging setback when he lost his job in the city, Manny’s determination to provide for his young family led him to embark on an extraordinary journey.

In just six remarkable years since its founding in 2017, School of Coding has risen from a small handful of students to a thriving multi-office organisation. Manny’s ambitious plans include creating more than 100 new jobs within the next three years creating a strategy to achieve a staggering £50 million turnover within the next five years.

The impact of School of Coding extends far beyond its founding walls, leaving an indelible mark on the Education sector. Manny has fostered invaluable partnerships with major universities, over 150 schools, and colleges across the UK. Manny, along with the efforts from his staff, has gained recognition from distinguished institutions such as the UK Government, Toyota, the European Council, JP Morgan, DWP, and the recently established FSE and MEIF.

“I am delighted to have been awarded Excellence in Technology at  the Signature Awards. It is a fantastic addition to what we have and are trying to achieve here at School of Coding. Our plans for School of Coding are limitless, what we are trying to achieve here helps everyone’s future for the better”

Looking ahead, there are even more exciting prospects on the horizon, with School of Coding being shortlisted for the Innovation Award by the Institute of Directors 2023 and LDC’s Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders 2023. Awaiting the results later this year.

School of Coding teaches over 5,000 students each month, working with major universities and over 150 schools and colleges across the UK. Our mission is to educate children and adults to help them build a better future so that they can find solutions to the world’s biggest problems through code.

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