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5 Most Useful Skills Trends to Educate Yourself in 2022

While 2022 may offer a few curveballs, the start of a new year is usually a good time to focus on professional development. The economy is improving, according to the Department of Labor, and several industries have regained employment losses from the early days of the epidemic.

As a futurist and business strategist who has helped thousands of CEOs navigate expanding industries, I’ve identified five talents that will make you a more valuable professional in 2022 — and free online courses that will teach you how to master them.

1. Problem-solving abilities
It will pay off in the future to think critically and imaginatively about your job, as well as to expand your professional arsenal with unique talents, experiences, and connections.

Your attempts to think outside the box will not only help you come up with creative ideas, but will also provide you with the skills to demonstrate that you are capable of addressing fresh and intriguing issues.

Time spent examining a different type of business or networking with people in a different field, for example, might lead to fresh ways of thinking about an issue or new tools for your team. In a quickly changing economy, that’s what employers — and customers — are searching for. Highlights: Learn how to choose a form of brainstorming to apply to a problem – alphabet brainstorming, grid brainstorming, or morphological chart.

2. Make a strategic plan
Futurists do not make predictions about the future. We discover societal or market trends and evaluate the implications of these developments.

We assist individuals to decide which strategic route to adopt — and design other options in case of a sudden, unexpected change in the future — by employing “what if” scenarios to role-play several methods and their effects.

You may use the same strategy in your own job or business. Learning how to explore the many ways your business or professional path may go in the future will help you plan your future actions, come up with a backup plan, and shield yourself from uncertainty. This strategic plan, include trending industries such as Marketing, Programming, and Cryptocurrencies. Especially the latter. Create a Bitcoin Wallet and start reading about it. Or start mining, like Helium Mining.

Highlights: Learn how to create a compelling mission, gather key business intelligence and assess potential opportunities to chart a winning course forward.

3. Making decisions
In 2022, we will all be expected to make quick and significant decisions. This is true even if we don’t have access to the same degree of knowledge or the same amount of planning time as we did prior to Covid.
Accomplish you feel unqualified to do it? Become a member: Even before the epidemic, the biggest concern in the workplace was making a mistake.

A desire to keep making decisions accounts for 91% of leadership. You’ll stand out from people who are too frightened to make decisions if you practice sound judgment and follow your intuition.

Learn how to absorb and interpret facts intelligently in the face of ambiguity.

4. Paying attention
Companies that rated in the top quartile for ethnic or cultural diversity on executive teams were 33 percent more likely to achieve industry-leading profitability, according to a recent McKinsey & Company research.

People who will be successful in business in 2022 and beyond will be able to rely on a diverse set of abilities, views, and skills. That necessitates the ability to truly listen to others and their viewpoints.

Highlights: Learn how to use active listening to gain insights from others and improve friendships.

5. Transportation and logistics
You’re not alone if your daily routine resembles controlled pandemonium — and you may need to psychologically prepare for 2022.

Deadlines are tightening, and work responsibilities are expanding. You’ll be expected to think like a project manager in the coming years, even if it means finding more efficient methods to jam in after-school activities with your kids on top of a rigorous remote work schedule.

Mastering the art of logistics is the key to success here. If you can go to Grandma’s house for the holidays this year despite congested airports and travel limitations, you have what it takes to allocate your time and other resources effectively.

Highlights: Learn how to apply project management basics to your job and personal life.

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