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9 out of 10 students now prefer to take assessments online, according to new research

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An overwhelming majority of candidates taking professional qualifications now prefer to take them remotely, online instead of in a traditional test centre setting, according to the latest market research from EdTech solutions provider, Eintech. The findings come after global use of remote online assessment tools skyrocketed over the past few years due to the onset of the pandemic, and suggest that a more long-term switch to eAssessments is preferable for most learners. 

The research was commissioned by Eintech to provide a glimpse into how real users of remote online assessment platforms found their experiences, in order to better understand the positioning of the technology in the future of the education sector. 150 individuals in the UK were surveyed, all of whom had undertaken some form of remote online professional assessment across a range of online learning platforms, within the past 18 months. The enthusiasm towards eAssessments was clear, with 89% finding their exam to be user-friendly, and 45% stating that there was nothing they disliked about the process. 

Although the results were encouraging for the future of remote online assessment, they also offered valuable insights into how these platforms may be improved in the future. For example, while only 13% of those surveyed required technical support during their exam, 30% of these found support difficult to access, and 25% were unsatisfied with the level of support received. 

Eintech’s eAssessment and eLearning platform, Rogo, recognises the importance of assessment support. The software was designed with support functions to keep these requirements in mind, including a live chat for the candidate to communicate with their remote invigilator, and a testing function to ensure students can connect to the software prior to the assessment.

James Carter, CEO of Eintech, said:

“The results of the market research survey confirm that there is a real interest in the continuation of online assessment, even after the pandemic. However, repeated concerns about technical issues and support show that there is still work to be done to optimise online assessment platforms for everyone. Eintech continues to work on the features included in Rogo all the time, and we’re excited to be a part of the future of online education.”

To further explore the results of the market research, Eintech produced a guide for those in the EdTech sector interested in learning how real users feel about the future of online assessments. The full guide can be found here: The Future of eAssessment: Where will we be in 2027?

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