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A new era beckons for Coventry University’s online education 

TechnologyOne’s comprehensive student management system simplifies complex processes, from enrolment to graduation, including admissions, registration, course management, and assessment, allowing for a more efficient and streamlined approach to student lifecycle management. 

Better still, all these tasks can be done on any device, anytime, from anywhere. True SaaS facilitates seamless collaboration among students, faculty and administrators. By promoting real-time interaction, the platform will help to create a genuine sense of community within the online learning environment. 

Alongside a much-enhanced user experience, TechnologyOne’s robust analytics and reporting tools  ensure it remains at the forefront of educational excellence. Additionally, TechnologyOne’s impeccable security credentials provide peace of mind that sensitive data is protected. 
Coventry University’s Chief Digital Information Officer and Managing Director of Coventry University Online, Steve Humber, said: 

“We are excited to embark on this transformative journey with TechnologyOne and pilot the student management solution for our online learning division. This pilot marks a significant step forward in our mission to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance accessibility, efficiency, and collaboration within our digital learning ecosystem.”

TechnologyOne Executive Vice President, Leo Hanna said: 

“Coventry University’s decision to pilot TechnologyOne’s Student Management Solution is a testament to their dedication to innovation and excellence in education. At a time where universities are under pressure to do more with less, turning to smart digital solutions is an obvious answer.” 
“After 12 years of hard work redesigning and rebuilding our fourth-generation product for the world of SaaS, we can provide the education market with cybersecurity, flexibility and the essential elements the educational community has long sought and rightfully deserves. The platform is designed to adapt to the university’s changing needs, and has the scalability needed to accommodate increasing numbers of online learners, ensuring a future-proof investment. We look forward to the positive impact this pilot will have on the university and its students.”  

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