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AELP and NOCN Group launch ‘green skills advisory group’

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As we enter the first ever Green Careers Week, AELP has teamed up with NOCN Group to ensure the skills sector is ready to equip Britain’s workforce with the green skills they need.

Following the inaugural AELP Green Skills summit in February 2022, a number of important themes were identified that require more focus. This has resulted in AELP establishing a Green Skills Advisory Group (GSAG) to further investigate, and address, these issues. The GSAG is being launched just as the skills sector celebrates the first ever Green Careers Week. It will be chaired by Graham Hasting-Evans, CEO of NOCN, with support from AELP’s Director of Strategy and Business Development, Paul Warner.

The group will consist of AELP staff and representatives from its membership to develop a work plan that will outline AELP’s leading role on the green agenda. The plan will develop ways in which AELP can provide practical help and support for organisations and individuals across the skills sector, and the work will focus on three main themes:

  • Programmes and curriculum: How the skills sector configures its delivery to meet the emerging green agenda.
  • Careers information, advice and guidance: How new and emerging roles related to the green agenda can be highlighted as part of the careers process; as well as how individuals can get timely and accurate information on labour market demand and skills needs.
  • Workforce development: What support is needed by the sector workforce to properly address the issues raised by the previous two themes.

AELP have also revealed they’ll be hosting their second Green Skills Summit next year on Wednesday 22 February. Sponsored by NOCN Group the summit will takes place in Birmingham. For more information or to register your interest please fill in this form.

Jane Hickie, Chief Executive of AELP, said:

“I am delighted to launch AELP’s Green Skills Advisory Group this week. Sustainability and low carbon will need to be embedded in all sorts of programmes, and we want to be in the best place we can be to support training providers and employers to do this. We also need recognise the impact our own organisations have on the environment – and how we can become more sustainable. The Green Skills Advisory Group will put us in a much better position to achieve these aims.”

Graham Hasting-Evans, Chief Executive of the NOCN Group, said:

Climate change is the greatest challenge we face, so ensuring we’ve got the skills to face this challenge is critical. I’m therefore delighted to be able to support AELP’s work on the Green Skills Advisory Group.”

Green Careers Week takes place between 7-12 November 2022, and aims to help teachers, trainers and young people get to grips with emerging technologies and careers that seek to change the world for the better.

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