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And the Outstanding Contribution to Redditch Award goes to Ann Isherwood!

Ann Isherwood and husband smiling for a photo at the Redditch Business Awards

Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) are delighted to announce that Ann Isherwood, Work Experience and Job Coach at HoW College, has been awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Redditch Award at this year’s Redditch Business Awards!

The Redditch Business awards aim to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of businesses in the area. The awards were split into two categories, Business Categories and Community Awards, with Ann being nominated in the community category for her ‘Outstanding Contribution to Redditch’.  

Four years ago, Ann was invited to represent Redditch, as a local councillor. Although unknown to many, she was prepared to work hard and honour the vote for everyone, not just those who voted for her. Ann won that vote in just seven weeks and over the past four years she has been able to demonstrate her commitment to the people of Redditch with every fibre of her body.

Ann has been an active and dedicated member of the Redditch community for many years and as Mayor she continued to work towards building a more prosperous and inclusive Redditch; constantly striving to enhance its infrastructure, support local businesses and create opportunities for young people.

Speaking about the award, Ann said:

“As a former Councillor and Mayor of Redditch, I have been recognised and awarded for my outstanding contribution to Redditch in recognition of my achievements and initiatives during my term.

It is heart-warming to be widely respected and admired by the people of Redditch for my dedication, passion, and leadership. I am honoured to have made a lasting impact on the town and its residents through my involvement. I cannot wait to see how the youth of our town continue with making Redditch great in the future!”

During her leadership as Mayor, Redditch saw significant progress in several areas, including the support of events in the town centre, the support of improving public transport and the ongoing support of various programmes to tackle issues such as unemployment and social exclusion. As a Work Experience and Job Coach at HoW College, Ann also directly supports young people and local businesses in helping find employment and employment opportunities.

Ann is a strong advocate for charitable causes in Redditch and in 2022-2023, played a critical role in fundraising for Touchstones, raising over £13,375 to support children who need one-to-one support during some of the hardest times of their young lives. Ann also supported charities including Primrose Hospice, Isaac’s Food Bank Redditch, The Redditch Royal British Legion, Acts of Kindness, Sandycroft, Inspire, Age UK, Redditch Blind Association, The Polish Community, Redditch Self Defence, M.A.D – just to name a few.

One of her primary responsibilities was to raise awareness about these organisations and their mission among the residents of Redditch. Ann engaged with the local community, local businesses, and other stakeholders to encourage them to contribute to these causes. Travelling over 2,600 miles over 12 months as far as Herefordshire, Warwickshire, and most of Worcestershire to talk about the good people of Redditch and what they do for each other. Attending over 350 official events.

Ann extends her sincerest acknowledgement and gratitude to everyone who helped and supported her in making outstanding contributions to the town of Redditch and is grateful for the selfless work of others and the support and love that they have shown.

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