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Back to School with Twinkl 


Helping Those Who Teach

As the new academic year approaches, educators worldwide are gearing up for the return to the classroom. In a year that has presented unprecedented challenges for educators , Twinkl is stepping in to ensure a smooth transition back to school. Designed to support teachers, parents, teaching assistants, childminders, tutors and home educators alike, Twinkl’s wide array of resources promises to make the start of the academic year a little bit easier.

Fulfilling Twinkl’s Mission: Unwavering Support for Educators

This commitment goes further than a single season, as Twinkl seeks to provide continuous support to educators during the Back to School period and beyond. Regardless of their role – whether teaching assistants, tutors, childminders, parents, or school teachers – educators will find resources and tools to support them throughout their daily tasks.

Leon Smith, Chief Customer Officer at Twinkl, explains:

“We’re right there beside our amazing educators, giving them the tools they need to thrive. As the Back to School season takes centre stage, we’re here to make sure teachers feel confident, valued, and all set to create a really positive learning space. Teachers are the real heroes, nurturing young minds and sparking curiosity. At Twinkl, we’re here to support them every step of the way, so that they feel empowered and well-prepared to make learning an awesome experience for their students.”

With teacher strikes ending in England, after all four unions in a dispute with the government accepted a 6.5% pay rise, the Back to School period this year is a time of renewed hope and positivity for educators to focus on what they do best – teaching.

Navigating the First Week with Confidence

The first week back to school is undoubtedly a whirlwind. Twinkl recognises the challenges of meeting new students, settling into routines, and managing the excitement and exhaustion that accompany this period. At the heart of Twinkl is a team of experienced teachers, educators and parents who are passionate about making teaching materials that make a genuine difference at home and in the classroom. With a deep understanding of the emotions and demands of returning to school, Twinkl is dedicated to providing steadfast support during the critical first week and throughout the year.

More Than Just Resources

While Twinkl is renowned for its high-quality resources, the benefits of a Twinkl membership extend beyond traditional worksheets. The platform features a wealth of supplementary materials, including administrative support, organisational tools, interactive games, apps and more. To support educators during this critical time, Twinkl has introduced a new Back to School Hub. This centralised resource hub is designed to save educators time, making it effortless for educators to access the resources they need quickly, ensuring educators are well-equipped and excited for the upcoming academic year. 

Sharing the Joy this Back to School Period

Twinkl is giving away 1000 academic planners to help educators start off on the right foot this new school year! Made by teachers, for teachers, Twinkl understands that a well-designed planner is an essential part of every teacher’s toolkit – that’s why they’re offering 100 people the chance to win a bundle of planners for themself and 9 friends or colleagues – helping educators to go back to school with a boost. 

The Twinkl Ultimate planner is specifically tailored to complement an educator’s working life. With QR codes linking to relevant areas of the Twinkl site, there’s no need to go searching for what you need, simply turn the pages of the planner and Twinkl has provided the content you need, precisely when you need it. The Twinkl planner has been dubbed the ultimate scheduling sidekick. 

Twinkl has made it easy to enter, simply head over to their giveaway hub for a chance to win.

Building a Connected Community

Teaching can be both challenging and rewarding. Twinkl encourages educators to utilise their social channels to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering camaraderie and mutual support among parents, teachers, homeschoolers, and more.

Twinkl also recognises that educators’ time is precious. In a bid to save time, and make the back to school preparation engaging, Twinkl is focusing on creating a video series of teacher hacks and tips, which will be shared across their social communities. This easy-to-digest content will help educators find support in a faster and more engaging way.  

For educators seeking a seamless, impactful, and inspiring Back to School season, Twinkl is the trusted partner to turn to. With its holistic approach to support, resourcefulness, and commitment, Twinkl is dedicated to enhancing the teaching experience and ensuring educators thrive through September and beyond. 

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