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Code Institute Celebrates Remarkable Achievements in the Last Twelve Months


Code Institute, a prominent global provider of software development education, is thrilled to announce a series of significant successes over the past year, reinforcing its pivotal role in the tech education sector.

Code Institute, the only university credit-rated coding bootcamp in the UK and Europe, has continued rapid European growth. 

Demonstrating its dedication to making coding available to all, Code Institute has secured government-funded options in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Austria. Dedicated to fostering diversity in the tech industry, it launched its first fully-funded program for hearing-impaired students. It continued its Coding Careers for Women initiatives in collaboration with education partners aimed at bridging the gender gap in software development. These initiatives aim to enhance inclusivity in technology education by making the course more accessible to partners and students.

In light of the rapidly expanding landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies within the workforce, Code Institute emphasises the critical importance of continued skills BootCamp funding. As the nature of the workforce evolves and companies must upskill their teams to drive innovation or stay relevant in an AI-driven future, accessibility to accelerated upskilling becomes paramount for businesses to succeed and evolve. Code Institute recognises the urgency of ensuring that these programs are readily available for organisations.

Through its range of courses and free 5 Day Coding Challenge, Code Institute has helped more than 48,000 people discover software development. The free coding challenge introduces participants to the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At the same time, their Software Development diploma and certificate programs equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to embark on successful careers in software development.

Code Institute’s network of hiring partners has substantially increased, surpassing 2000 in key markets. This growth reflects a commitment to fostering relationships with industry leaders and providing direct pathways for graduates to enter the workforce. Working with its career support team, 98% of graduates have found employment in software development within 12 months. 

Code Institute provides the essential skillset not only for the present but also for the future. The selection of Python as its primary programming language, being the predominant language in AI, serves as evidence of this forward-looking approach. Additionally, students can choose to specialise in Predictive Analytics & AI as an elective path, allowing them to focus on these cutting-edge skills. 

Jim Cassidy, CEO of Code Institute, expressed his enthusiasm for the achievements, stating,

“These milestones reflect Code Institute’s commitment to providing accessible, high-quality education in software development. We are proud to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they are equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape.”

Looking ahead, Code Institute is excited about the prospects of continued success in 2024, with many new education products on the horizon. They remain committed to shaping the future of software development education.

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