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Development of Oxford Business College campus in Nottingham brings reduction in crime

Oxford Business College building

The development of an Oxford Business College campus in Nottingham in September 2021 has made a positive impact on the crime landscape in the local area, with Nottinghamshire Police reporting an overall 8% reduction in crime in the St Ann’s area where the campus is based. 

The St Ann’s community has previously grappled with issues related to drug-taking and increased anti-social behaviour. 

Official crime statistics underline the changes, revealing a 74% reduction in muggings, a 47% decrease in anti-social behaviour, and significant drops of 28% in both vehicle and bicycle thefts.

Councillor Anwar Khan, a long-time resident of St Ann’s, expressed his observations on the positive changes since the campus’s inception:

“The atmosphere in the neighbourhood has improved significantly since the campus opened. Students have not only engaged with their studies but also contributed to local businesses, creating a more vibrant and active community.”

Councillor Khan highlighted the college’s proactive engagement with residents and support for local initiatives:

“We’ve observed positive changes, with the college’s presence fostering a more harmonious and prosperous community. The acknowledgement of the positive aspects brought here by Oxford Business College is evident among the residents.”

The Oxford Business College’s Nottingham campus, currently hosting over 2,000 students and approximately 150 lecturers and support staff, has evolved into a thriving centre of learning in the city. Mr Sarwar Khawaja, Chairman of the Executive Board of Oxford Business College, expressed satisfaction with the positive reception from the local community. He stated, “We’re looking forward to continued collaboration with the community to enhance St Ann’s as a place to live and study.”

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