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Embracing  the Future of Education: Twinkl Unveils AI Tools to Help Those Who Teach

Embracing  the Future of Education: Twinkl Unveils AI Tools to Help Those Who Teach

Twinkl is embracing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionise the way educators teach. With a deep understanding of the invaluable role educators play in the learning process, Twinkl has introduced a range of AI tools designed to support and enhance teaching, freeing up time for educators to focus on what truly matters – inspiring and educating students.

Current Discourse on AI in Education

The importance of digital skills and artificial intelligence in education has become a prominent topic of discussion among experts and policymakers.

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, during her speech at the recent London Tech Week said,

“Artificial intelligence is transforming the world around us and will help grow the economy. The workforces that are best equipped in AI with the skills they need will be the ones that ride the wave. We must make sure education is not left behind. For that potential to be realised, we need to understand the opportunities, as well as the real risks new technology brings.”

Within the realm of education, the use of AI applications has sparked debates. While some applaud these tools as valuable aids in reducing administrative burdens, others raise concerns about potential misuse and the role of human teachers. Twinkl acknowledges the ongoing discourse and views AI as a tool that can support educators, not replace them. 

Innovation at the Core

Innovation is deeply ingrained in Twinkl’s DNA, and supporting educators has always been their mission. With the advent of AI, a world of possibilities has opened up to enhance the teaching experience. Twinkl firmly believes that AI can complement educators by streamlining administrative tasks, providing quick inspirations, ideas and input thereby giving them more time and headspace to focus on what truly matters – teaching.

Twinkl’s Commitment to Education and AI

Twinkl is dedicated to continually exploring how AI can support and enhance teaching practices, without compromising on quality or the crucial role of human teachers. Twinkl remains at the forefront of AI innovation, striving to provide educators with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving educational landscape.

Leon Smith, Chief Customer Officer and former teacher at Twinkl, emphasised the company’s vision, stating,

“The role of educators has never been more important, and at Twinkl, we understand the challenges and pressures teachers face. We wish to support our educators as we explore how these new technologies will impact teaching and learning. We view AI as another tool—one that has the potential to support and enhance educators.”

Introducing Ari, Twinkl’s AI Assistant

Twinkl’s dedicated team of tech experts has been hard at work behind the scenes, resulting in the launch of Ari, Twinkl’s very own AI assistant. Ari is designed to assist educators in trimming their to-do lists, accelerating daily tasks, and brightening their day-to-day experience. With over fifty functions, Ari provides creative inspiration, ideas, and prompts to kick-start learning and foster a dynamic educational environment. Since Ari’s launch in May 2023, the most commonly selected prompts have been ‘write a lesson plan’ and ‘create a quiz,’ with approximately 4,600 and 2,200 uses respectively.

Twinkl’s AI Tools for Empowering Educators

Twinkl’s AI tools can be accessed on the  ‘AI Hub’, which hosts all AI related tools and teaching content. As the AI space evolves, Twinkl will continuously develop and add more tools to this hub, so that educators can focus on teaching. 

What will you find?

Quality Content by Human Experts

Twinkl takes pride in the fact that its educational resources are created by real, experienced human teachers, ensuring reliability and quality. While AI is employed to streamline processes, Twinkl maintains its commitment to providing trustworthy content, generated by a wealth of experience and knowledge from educators. The AI tools developed by Twinkl are carefully crafted to enhance educators’ capabilities, save time, and reduce workloads without compromising on quality.

Twinkl remains committed to engaging in the conversation, exploring the benefits of AI while upholding the vital role of human educators in delivering quality education.

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