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Fife College announces exciting programme of initiatives to mark 125 years of learning

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Fife College(@fifecollege) has today announced a comprehensive package of initiatives to celebrate its remarkable 125th anniversary.

Established in 1899 by George Lauder, with the support of philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, the College has evolved through the years, delivering education and training opportunities for all and contributing to the prosperity of the region and local communities.

The College will now commemorate 125 years of learning with a programme of special events and initiatives that showcase its commitment to learning and community engagement.

Key Initiatives Include:

  • International Collaboration: Strengthening ties with educational institutions in the USA, such as Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, which share a common heritage with original founders Andrew Carnegie and George Lauder. This initiative aims to explore mutually beneficial opportunities to foster global educational exchanges and build upon the values and visionary philanthropy of the College’s founding benefactors.
  • 125th Anniversary Scholarship Programme: Launching a new scholarship initiative to empower and support students in their educational journey. This programme underscores the College’s vision of providing accessible education for all and reflects the spirit of philanthropy that birthed the college.
  • Community Events: Throughout the year, Fife College will host a series of engaging events across the Fife region, fostering a sense of community and celebrating the shared journey of learning.
  • Alumni Programme: Highlighting the College’s Alumni Programme to celebrate the achievements of the College’s alumni and inspire current students through their success stories.
  • Lauder Lecture Series: Reviving the annual Lauder Lecture, coinciding with the College’s actual birthday in October. This prestigious event will serve as a platform for thought leaders to share insights and knowledge, embodying the spirit of George Lauder’s commitment to education.

Jim Metcalfe, Principal at Fife College, said:

“Fife College exists to help students, staff and communities thrive by providing opportunities for all, delivering outstanding education and driving economic prosperity for the region.

“Our 125th anniversary is a momentous occasion that reflects this enduring commitment to education, innovation, and community. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we invite the public to join us in celebrating 125 years of learning and growth here in Fife.

“We look forward to marking our anniversary in the coming months with students, staff and members of our local communities with a series of special events and initiatives, each of which pays tribute to the incredible legacy of those who laid the groundwork for our success all those years ago.”

William Garner, George Lauder’s Great-Great Grandson, who presented a framed photograph of George Lauder to College Principal Jim Metcalfe to mark the 125th anniversary during a recent visit to award the annual George Lauder Bursary, said:

“My Great-Great-Grandfather would be delighted to know his vision for education in Fife has endured for 125 years, empowering minds, building futures, and shaping communities.”

“On behalf of the Lauder family, I am proud to support these fantastic initiatives that will not only reflect on the rich history of the College but also embrace the future of education, innovation and community in Fife.”

William Garner awards an annual bursary for Fife College students to travel and study in the USA each year. The Bursary celebrates the vision of George Lauder in promoting the foundation in 1899 of a Further Education College in Dunfermline, now known as Fife College.

Offered through Adam Smith Scholarships, part of Fife College, the Bursary is funded through annual contributions from the descendants of George Lauder and other friends of the College in the USA and administered by the St. Andrew’s Society of the State of New York.

The Bursary is open to full-time or part-time students currently enrolled at Fife College and those who have studied at Fife College in the last four years.

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