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Full house at Sellafield Ltd’s Engineering and Maintenance careers day

Hundreds of people potentially looking for a career within Engineering and Maintenance at Sellafield attended the department’s first careers day. 

On Saturday the Engineering Centre of Excellence in Cleator Moor hosted the event which was full to capacity, showcasing what a career in engineering and maintenance can look like. 

55 members of staff were on hand to explain their roles within the Sellafield Ltd business and offer advice on the routes available including:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Degree Apprenticeships
  • Graduate and Student Placements
  • Roles Across Mechanical and Electrical Disciplines.

Engineering and maintenance is home to some of the most critical roles at the Sellafield site, and the company was keen to engage with individuals eager to be part of their team. The event served as a platform to explain the diverse and exciting engineering and maintenance opportunities that Sellafield has to offer.

Emma Hetherington, Engineering and Maintenance Head of Profession at Sellafield Ltd, said:

“We were overwhelmed with the interest in our first careers fair. The event sold out really quickly. It’s great to see such an appetite to work for Sellafield Ltd and we will look to host more of these going forward, including other ways of introducing people to the Centre of Excellence.  

“Our offsite facility is the perfect location to showcase the business as a whole without the constraints of the Sellafield site. The Centre is such an important part of our business and it’s the perfect venue to host a Careers Day.

“We have been able to display the wide range of careers on offer: from craft, to engineering, to professional support. There are activities and demonstrations too so people can try their hand at some of the different skills and disciplines we have.

“It’s brilliant to see the local community coming to Cleator Moor and seeing first-hand what we do and get a feel for what Sellafield is.

“Sellafield is a great employer and what we want to do is give everybody who wants one the opportunity to find a role with us.

“There are people here today of all ages and that’s just brilliant. We can support the next generation who might be looking at apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, graduate roles but also those who may be in a different position and fancy a change.”

The event provided an opportunity for attendees to interact with industry professionals, engage in hands-on activities, and explore various career paths, from craft and engineering to professional support. It aimed to inspire individuals of all ages to consider careers in the nuclear industry.

Lyla Chandler, a 16-year-old A-level student at the UTC, shared her experience, saying:

“I wanted more insights into what Sellafield does and can offer to help me decide which apprenticeship to apply for. I know that I’d like to aim for a degree apprenticeship, and I’ve done work experience at the Centre of Excellence and with Arup. There are so many fields in engineering that I find events like this and work experience really useful in helping me differentiate between the different disciplines.”

Lyla spent time chatting to Kat Sullivan from the Operations Technology Group who is currently pursuing a control systems degree apprenticeship. Kat said:

“I really enjoy doing careers fairs and enjoy meeting different people. The best part is then meeting some of them at work a year or so later on. It’s nice to think that I might have made a difference in their decision making.”

Craig Branney, Head of Off Site Developments at Sellafield Ltd, commended the event’s positive atmosphere and its ability to engage individuals of all age groups. He said:

“The engineering profession is vast and innovative, and here at the Centre of Excellence, we are always looking at different ways to use the facility as, just like the buildings on site, it is Sellafield.

“More than 300 people came through the door and 55 staff. A big shout out to the staff who came in on a weekend to promote the place where they work. They gave up their time to showcase the benefits of a career in the nuclear industry, and show more goes on here than just engineering.”

Harry Capstick, a 15-year-old attendee from Bootle, expressed his desire for hands-on work and noted the value of the event in helping him explore various career options. “I know that when I leave school I want to have a job that is really hands on. I don’t want to sit behind a desk for hours every day. I did work experience at the Centre of Excellence, and they were brilliant, they showed me the different jobs that you can do at Sellafield,” he said.

Sellafield Ltd is committed to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for individuals interested in careers within the nuclear industry. 

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