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Gower College Swansea students win Pet Pawtrait competition

Two Gower College Swansea students have been presented with prizes for the under 18 category of the 9to90 Creative Community Pet Pawtrait competition.

The annual competition, organized by Jane Simpson of GSArtists, gives the community an opportunity to come together from all ages and abilities and to have their work exhibited in the gallery.

The winning students were:
Second place: Al Attala, Level 2 Art and Design
Highly Commended: Ryan Jones, Level 1 Art and Design

“The students from Gower College Swansea have truly loved the challenge of this competition and its fantastic topics,” says Marilyn Jones, Art and Design Lecturer, “They have never had work displayed before, let alone in a gallery or in a publication, so are absolutely thrilled, excited, encouraged and motivated – with a belief in themselves and their abilities – which makes my job the best!

“Not only do they now believe in themselves, but they have also gained so much knowledge about how exhibitions work and where galleries are, and therefore feel a part of the community,” she adds.

“Art is for everyone, it is so rewarding no matter what. I have watched them grow in many ways over the term and am so proud of them. Here’s looking forward to further collaboration with the wonderful creative community in Swansea, and more opportunities with GS Artists.”

Students also submitted some excellent pieces of work for the Catherine Zeta Jones Portrait Competition, judged by Catherine and her family.

“Thank you to all the artists who submitted their work. I love art and love you all,” she commented, later tweeting “I love art and artists of all ages, and I was humbled by all your submissions and dedication to your craft.”

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