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Celebrations have been in full swing at HSDC this week as part of National Apprenticeship Week 2024. This year marks the 17th annual celebration of Apprenticeships with the theme ‘Skills for Life’.

The celebration has been the perfect opportunity to highlight Apprenticeships by not only celebrating the remarkable achievements of the Apprentices, employers and Work Based Trainers but also showcasing the positive impact Apprenticeships have on students, businesses and the economy.

Apprenticeships are a perfect blend of workplace experience and studying, therefore they can really jump-start an individual’s career whilst also adding significant value to the workplace.

During the week, a Business Networking Breakfast took place at HSDC restaurant 74 South with guest speakers from companies including Wickham Micro Limited and Jackson & Green Accountants. The guest speakers spoke about their Apprenticeship journey whilst also explaining the importance of Apprenticeships and how they provide such value to both the Apprentice and the business.

Senior Scientist at Wickham Micro Limited Jordan added:

“Apprenticeships are beneficial from both an employer and Apprentice’s perspective. They give an individual the experience to begin their career, whilst building a bond of loyalty together.”

A huge part of National Apprenticeship Week at HSDC is the annual Apprenticeship Award Ceremony held at HSDC’s Havant Campus. This year’s ceremony was attended by a range of outstanding Apprentices and local businesses who were nominated for awards alongside HSDC staff such as the Business Development Team and the Senior Leadership Team.

The ceremony was hosted by Assistant Principal Business, Employment and Skills at HSDC, Aaron Butson and Manager for Work Based Learning at HSDC, Chris Richards. The event was an excellent opportunity to celebrate the importance and value of Apprenticeships alongside commending the fantastic work of both our Apprentices and employers.

Mike Gaston, HSDC Principal & CEO pictured above with Overall Apprentice of the Year Jordan said:

“Apprenticeships are one of the key touchstones of our curriculum mission here at HSDC. We believe they offer an invaluable pathway to success, equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their chosen careers. 

Apprenticeships are also vital to the economic prosperity of our local area, creating a skilled and adaptable workforce that fuels innovation and economic prosperity. Businesses benefit from motivated, eager learners who bring fresh perspectives and contribute meaningfully right away. This week is about celebrating the success of that partnership.”

Aaron Butson, Assistant Principal Business, Employment and Skills at HSDC and one of the hosts of the Awards Ceremony added:

“It is such a pleasure to recognise the amazing contribution Apprentices give to the workplace. It is also wonderful to say thank you to the fantastic support our employers give to enable Apprentices to achieve such great things. Congratulations everyone.”

One of our guest speakers Portsmouth City Council Leader, Cllr Steve Pitt added:

“It is wonderful to be at such an uplifting event to demonstrate what an Apprenticeship can offer to people of all ages, especially young people. It is so important to recognise that university is not the only pathway to success.”

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