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hundo is proud to support The Groundbreaking Online Esports BTEC Qualification: A Game-Changer for Home-Schooled Students

In a groundbreaking move this month, hundo education partner; Minerva’s Virtual Academy has unveiled the first-ever Online Esports BTEC qualification, setting the stage for an exciting opportunity in the world of online education. This move is set to revolutionize the way students aged 16-18 engage with esports education, providing a unique pathway for home-schooled students who were previously excluded from the traditional educational landscape. In this article, we delve into the significance of this development and explore how hundo is playing a pivotal role in supporting this initiative, not just in the UK but also on an international scale.

The Emergence of Online Esports BTEC

The Esports BTEC qualification burst onto the scene in 2020, thanks to a collaborative effort between Pearson and the British Esports Federation. Since its inception, it has been enthusiastically embraced by over 200 schools and colleges across the UK, primarily in face-to-face settings. However, the announcement by Minerva’s Virtual Academy marks the first time that an entirely online two-year variant of this qualification is available to students.

These online esports BTEC courses, which commenced this month, come with a focus on students aged 16 to 18 and are priced at £3,650 per academic year. This exclusivity is due to Minerva’s Virtual Academy being a private institution, catering to the needs of a select group of students seeking alternative education pathways.

Meeting the Needs of Home-Schooled Students

One of the most remarkable aspects of this development is the opportunity it presents to home-schooled students. James-Fraser Murison, Director of Fraser Esports Ltd and head of education for Hundo, is working closely with Minerva’s Virtual Academy, and shared his enthusiasm for this initiative at the Insomnia Gaming Festival i71.

James emphasized, “What we want to be able to do is engage with some of the 59,000 home-schooled students that, for whatever reason, aren’t in mainstream education but they’ve now got an opportunity to do this really exciting qualification.”

He further explained, “We offer the single Esports BTEC, so that’s units 1, 2, 3, and 4, from home, as students don’t need specific kit. Anything bigger, for example, in the more traditional double or triple BTEC, we wouldn’t be able to do that online because it involves certain units on LAN events and shoutcasting.”

The online format not only enables students to pursue their passion for esports from the comfort of their homes but also addresses the diverse needs of students who may face challenges like anxiety, dyspraxia, dyslexia, or physical mobility issues. James pointed out, “This becomes a little bit easier now and it’s what students are interested in.”

The Influence of COVID-19 on Online Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic forced the education sector to adapt rapidly to online learning. James-Fraser Murison believes that this shift in education delivery, catalyzed by the pandemic, has paved the way for innovative initiatives like the Online Esports BTEC. “One positive that’s come from COVID is students have had to adapt to online learning. I think most industries work from home three days a week now, on average, so it made sense to have the conversation about shifting and trialling this from an educational perspective,” he remarked.

This transition to online learning has opened doors to new possibilities, making it feasible for institutions like Minerva’s Virtual Academy to pioneer groundbreaking programs.

A Promising Future for International Students

The allure of British education is not limited to its shores; it has a global reputation for excellence. James-Fraser Murison sees the potential for this online Esports BTEC qualification to attract international students. He stated, “Ever since British Esports and Pearson launched the Esports BTEC qualification, we’ve all been inundated with students wanting to do it from home, including international students.”

With the adaptability of online learning, more international students can access the esteemed British education system. James continued, “British education is looked on really positively, globally, but we’ve never been able to do it. If proves successful, which I hope and think it will be, we’ll hit more international schools and the students will come flocking because the British education system is world-renowned, and that can only benefit more students.”

Pioneering a World-First Initiative

The launch of the Online Esports BTEC by Minerva’s Virtual Academy is nothing short of historic. James-Fraser Murison expressed his excitement about this groundbreaking venture, saying, “This is a world-first, and that’s quite scary, but it’s not a reason to not do it. We’ve said to Pearson and British Esports that someone’s got to go first, so we’re going first.”

He added, “We’ve got the right staff, school, and reasons to be involved, and we know the students will join. It’s an exciting time to do this, and it’ll be great to see these students evolve and where they’ll be in a few years.”

hundo’s Support for Educational Innovation

Supporting innovative educational endeavours like the Online Esports BTEC is crucial for the growth of the esports industry and the broader education sector. Hundo, an organization known for its commitment to advancing educational opportunities for students and employers through virtual work experience projects, is pleased to be a partner in this venture.

As esports continues to gain recognition and significance in the professional world, nurturing a strong foundation in education is essential. The collaboration between Minerva’s Virtual Academy, Fraser Esports Ltd, and hundo demonstrates the industry’s dedication to fostering talent and providing accessible pathways for students to pursue their passion for esports.


The launch of the first Online Esports BTEC qualification by Minerva’s Virtual Academy is a momentous step towards inclusive and accessible education in the esports arena. This initiative not only opens doors for home-schooled students but also signals a shift in the way education is delivered, leveraging the power of online learning.

With support from organizations like Hundo, the future of esports education looks bright, promising to attract students from around the world to benefit from the renowned British education system. As pioneers in this venture, Minerva’s Virtual Academy and Fraser Esports Ltd are setting a precedent for innovative education, and the world is watching with great anticipation to see where this journey leads.

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