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£2.5m Investment to Address Aviation Industry’s Critical Skills Shortage

To help tackle the global shortfall of engineers in the aviation industry, Resource Group, Europe’s leading Part 147 training provider, will soon be offering a new way for individuals to work towards their Part-66 licence.

On 5th September 2023, Resource Group will be launching Part 66 Self-Study courses, enabling individuals to work towards a Part-66 licence in their own time; reducing the need to take long periods away from work at a time when the industry is in need of every skilled worker available.

The project involved a £2.5m investment to create interactive digital courseware for A1, A3, B1.1, B1.3 and B2 licences. With input from industry experts and educational specialists to enhance learner experience, the new courseware includes 3D graphics, interactive scenarios and engaging video content, specifically designed to maximise learners’ understanding of course concepts regardless of their preferred learning style.

Managing Director of Resource Group Training Solutions, Ian Fitzpatrick, said:

“At a time when the aviation industry faces a critical shortage of skilled aircraft maintainers, our new Part 66 Self-Study product offers a cost-effective, flexible, and high-quality solution for individuals wishing to work towards, or extend, their Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence.

“The ability to study around work and life commitments means working towards a Part-66 licence will now be more accessible than ever.

“There are great career prospects out there for licenced engineers and we expect this product to meet the growing industry demand for skilled workers. We are already experiencing significant interest in our new self-study courses from individuals and businesses alike.”

The courseware includes end of module knowledge checks with detailed reports to help learners identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as timed, mock assessments to simulate the Part 66 examination experience.

During the launch and for a limited time only, Resource Group will be offering B1 and B2 Licence bundle discounts, which will see customers save up to 50% off the total cost of individual modules.

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