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Legacy Youth Zone Croydon Empowering Inclusive Learning

Legacy Youth Zone prides themselves on being an environment where all young people can unlock and discover their full potential regardless of their abilities or needs. The Croydon Youth Zone that is part of the OnSide Network, is open 6 days a week and has an array of activities for Juniors, Seniors and those with additional needs. 

Rees, a participant in the inclusion sessions for the past several months, has demonstrated remarkable progress despite facing challenges associated with Down’s syndrome and non-verbal communication. This case study highlights his journey, focusing on his passion for woodwork, newfound abilities, and overall enthusiasm for diverse activities.

Rees, a non-verbal individual with Down’s syndrome, has actively participated in the inclusion sessions over an extended period at Legacy Youth Zone. His preferred space is the art room, where he channels his tremendous energies, particularly in the domain of woodwork.

Throughout his time at the Croydon based Youth Zone, Rees has not only acquired proficiency in various woodwork equipment but has also seen substantial development in his skills. His growing independence is evident as he now brings his own project ideas to the sessions and is learning to communicate them effectively. Additionally, Rees has begun verbalizing, including the achievement of saying names, showcasing his commitment to enhanced communication.

Rees, typically self-contained, thrives in the presence of Nicholas, and the two collaborate effectively. Notably, Rees was part of a dynamic duo that designed and raced a go-cart at the Stanley Arts festival, winning the prestigious “Best Design” award for his chariot—a moment that brought immense joy and pride.

Rees had a dedicated spot in the recent Arts showcase at Legacy, proudly displaying an array of creations to parents, funders and staff. His enthusiastic engagement with guests showcased not only his artistic achievements but also his ability to interact confidently and positively with others.

Recently, Rees has expanded his horizons by venturing into the gym, working on core strength exercises with Demari. His keen interest in continuing these exercises at home reflects his dedication to personal development beyond artistic pursuits.

In summary, Rees emerges as an all-round enthusiast, consistently displaying a willingness to explore new activities and fully engage in the learning process. Despite initial communication barriers, his progress in woodwork, social interactions, and physical fitness exemplify the positive impact of inclusive sessions. Rees’s journey serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of tailored inclusion programs in fostering personal growth and a sense of accomplishment.

Legacy Youth Zone has helped thousands of young people like Rees to become more confident, increase their sense of independence and provide opportunities that aren’t accessible elsewhere. 

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