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LiteracyPlanet Initiates Global Search for 2023’s Educational Superheroes

LiteracyPlanet Initiates Global Search for 2023's Educational Superheroes

In a world constantly in flux, where the landscape of K-12 education is marked by ever-evolving challenges, LiteracyPlanet, the renowned educational platform, is thrilled to declare the commencement of nominations for its 2023 Educator Wall of Fame awards. This annual celebration, open to educators worldwide, encourages teachers, parents, and students alike to shine a spotlight on their educational superheroes and bestow upon them the recognition they deserve. 

Through the Educator Wall of Fame, LiteracyPlanet is looking to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts and contributions of school innovators and leaders, creative thinkers, and the unsung heroes supporting students in their educational journey. 

Tom Richardson, CEO of LiteracyPlanet, affirms,

“We believe that exceptional educators deserve exceptional recognition. The 2023 Educator Wall of Fame is our way of expressing gratitude and admiration for the incredible educators who are shaping the lives of the next generation.” 

The 2023 Educator Wall of Fame features four distinct categories to celebrate the diverse talents and contributions of educators: 

  • Phenomenal Leaders:These are the visionary principals, deputies, and senior leaders who have set the bar sky-high. They’ve led their schools by example, crafting innovative strategies to ensure the continuity and excellence of education.   
  • Creative Educators:Celebrating the behind-the-scenes maestros who make education magic happen – whether they’re curriculum wizards, teacher’s aides, or the conductors of the orchestra.   
  • Champion Teachers:The extraordinary educators of 2023 who’ve transformed learning into a thrilling adventure. Whether in-person or online, they’ve gone the extra mile to ensure learning is always a fun journey.   
  • Unsung Educational Heroes:They’re the quiet warriors, working tirelessly with boundless passion, care, and empathy. They shy away from the limelight, but their steadfast dedication deserves a standing ovation. 

Nominations for the 2023 Educator Wall of Fame close on Sunday 29 October, and it is free to nominate multiple educators.

Winners of the 2023 Educator Wall of Fame will be officially announced by the end of November. Each winner will receive recognition across LiteracyPlanet’s official website, social media platforms, and email communications, as well as a personalised certificate and winner’s logo, which they can be proud to share with their school community.

To submit a nomination or for more information, please visit here.

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