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Matt Hancock announces ‘Neurodivergent Conditions Screening Bill’

Matt Hancock yesterday took to TikTok to announce that the previous plan to implement the ‘Dyslexia Screening and Teacher Training Bill’ has now become neurodiversity wide! Being named the ‘Neurodivergent Conditions Screening, Teaching and Training Bill’.

The ‘Neurodivergent Conditions Screening, Teaching and Training Bill’ is officially being introduced on the 23rd of April. This bill will mean that primary school children will be able to be screened for neurodivergent conditions.

It was previously announced in December 2021 that Matt Hancock was to introduce a bill for universal dyslexia screening of primary school children, however, this has now been confirmed and updated.


I’ve been blown away by the support for my Bill in Parliament over the past 2-years, where I’ve been campaigning for the universal screening of dyslexia in primary schools. 🧵 🚨Having spoken to a number of brilliant stakeholders – some as recently as a few weeks ago at the Dyslexia Show – I’ve decided to EXPAND my upcoming bill from the Dyslexia Screening Bill to the Neurodivergent Conditions Screening Bill. I want to see ALL neurodivergent conditions picked up before a child leaves school to ensure no matter who you are, you receive the help and support you need.

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